Rampage to Manifest Health and Happiness

Using Law of Attraction to shift even decades of momentum into health, wellness and joy just takes a bit of practice.

My client had suffered from bulimia and anorexia for 30 years. Hospitalized. Institutionalized.

She consulted weekly with Opra (my Inner Being; some call this “channeling”) for months before she was ready to broach the subject of her body.

She had asked many questions about work, spouse, child, family, friends, dreams, exes, money, jealousy…never a word about her body. Until today.

Below is a transcript from her session with Opra, including two short “rampages of appreciation” done by Opra on behalf of the client.

A rampage of appreciation is a Law of Attraction technique that intentionally and gradually raises your vibration until you feel better.

Q- ‘I would like to have a more fit, toned body, but I feel very negative about my body. How do I change this?’

A- ‘Choose parts of your body that you love. Choose parts of...

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Rampage of Wellbeing During Difficult Circumstances


Q- 'So with the Coronavirus, I am without a job. So all I need to do now is raise my vibration?'

A- 'Absolutely.'

Q- 'So I keep immersing myself in a new story?'

A- 'Yes, as you are meditating, as you are taking whatever walks you are allowed to take now, out in nature as much as possible, as you are taking a long hot bath, as you are enjoying your life, and as you are purposefully raising your vibration, as you find yourself in those higher vibrations, cultivate that belief, welcome it in, intend, say:

‘I love the idea of thinking, of knowing, of believing, that everything that I need and want is coming to me right now, that I don’t need to do anything at all to deserve it.

I love knowing that.

I love thinking about it.

I love savoring that concept.

I love allowing myself to believe this.

I love trusting this.

I love feeling into my inner being right now and feeling the truth of this.

Knowing that this has always been true.

This is true for...

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