The Alignment Circle
Group Coaching Program

Join us in this journey of self-realization and growth. Embrace the abundance, freedom, and joy that await you. Discover your full resonance and unleash your true potential with The Alignment Circle Group Coaching Program with Ramona and Opra. Your transformation starts here.

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The Alignment Circle with Opra & Ramona  

Unlock the powerful being within you through our groundbreaking program that will bring you back into alignment with abundance, freedom and joy, allowing your true essence to shine brilliantly in every aspect of your life.

Meet Ramona - a passionate soul who embraces life and welcomes anyone seeking to access the true source of freedom, love, joy, and abundance. 

Opra speaks through Ramona as her nonphysical guides, enabling everyone present to directly experience and actually feel unconditional Love, and all of the associated power and beauty.


The Alignment Circle 
Group Coaching Program is for you
if you are wanting: 

  • Consistent reminders of your inner power and innate wisdom through a supportive feedback mechanism.
  • A deeper understanding of practical applications of the profound teachings of Abraham-Hicks.
  • Engaging MindSet/HeartSet processes that are both playful and highly effective.
  • Release resistance, embrace discernment, love your body, follow your inner guidance, and experience true well-being.
  • Frequent and sustainable vibrational attunement to elevate your life experience.
  • A close-knit community of high-vibing individuals from all corners of the earth. 

 What to Expect 

The key to unlocking everything you desire lies within you – it's all about reconnecting to Source and your own inner guidance system.

Discover unwavering support, free from judgment, as you master the art of raising your vibration.

This program is specifically designed to foster and fortify your connection to your Inner Being with weekly group calls where you have the opportunity to speak directly to Infinite Intelligence.

As you progress through the program, you'll notice a profound improvement in how you feel and a newfound sense of self-discovery, enabling you to flourish in all aspects of life.


What is it like to speak with Opra?

Watch Opra discuss the difference between Blissipline and discipline with a participant of The Alignment Circle in this video clip...

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The program involves attending 90-minute LIVE online calls approximately eight times a month for 4 months, initially. After completing your 4 months in the program, you have the option to continue your membership on a month-to-month basis. Additionally, participants will have access to a library of call recordings, allowing them to tap into the energy and message of Opra and Ramona whenever they wish. This fosters consistency and momentum in aligning with their higher selves, leading to increased ease and magic in their lives.



This community fulfills the dream of being surrounded by non-judgmental, high-vibing, loving, and playful individuals. They all share a passion for mastering the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and Opra, creating a delightful life experience. The connections formed on these calls may even make others feel like family, providing the opportunity for personal connections.


The program offers great accessibility as it takes place online through Zoom, allowing participation from anywhere in the world. Members also enjoy unlimited access to past recorded sessions via a user-friendly phone app (Kajabi). Moreover, the financial aspect is highly favorable, with the program including, on average, 8 live calls per month (12 hours) at a significant value compared to the cost of the same duration of private sessions.



Each live call is tailored to address the active questions of the group, whether participants are in the "hot seat" or not. Similar to an Abraham-Hicks workshop, these calls provide clarity and attunement to any questions the participants have at the time. Unlike a workshop, this is a small group, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to ask questions. The interactive nature of the calls stimulates new questions, leading to a magical conversation with Source.


Attunements & Processes 

Being present on the calls enables participants to be calibrated to their well-being, as unconditional love becomes more tangible and perceivable over time. Opra and Ramona offer valuable information on self-calibration between calls, further enhancing the participants' well-being and connection with themselves.

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More About Ramona & Opra

Ramona Galey & Opra

Ramona is a Vibrational Mentor who helps Abrahamers and Law of Attraction growth-seekers to raise their vibrations and attract abundance into their lives using the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

Opra is Infinite Intelligence flowed by Ramona Galey. Since 2019, Ramona and Opra have offered direct consulting known as Vibrational Mentoring, allowing their clients to have access to answers and a level of vibrational attunement they couldn't access on their own.

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