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Rampage of Wellbeing During Difficult Circumstances

appreciation coronavirus difficult circumstances opra rampage transcript wellbeing wellness Jun 11, 2020


Q- 'So with the Coronavirus, I am without a job. So all I need to do now is raise my vibration?'

A- 'Absolutely.'

Q- 'So I keep immersing myself in a new story?'

A- 'Yes, as you are meditating, as you are taking whatever walks you are allowed to take now, out in nature as much as possible, as you are taking a long hot bath, as you are enjoying your life, and as you are purposefully raising your vibration, as you find yourself in those higher vibrations, cultivate that belief, welcome it in, intend, say:

‘I love the idea of thinking, of knowing, of believing, that everything that I need and want is coming to me right now, that I don’t need to do anything at all to deserve it.

I love knowing that.

I love thinking about it.

I love savoring that concept.

I love allowing myself to believe this.

I love trusting this.

I love feeling into my inner being right now and feeling the truth of this.

Knowing that this has always been true.

This is true for everyone.

It is true now.

It will always be true.

That my years of life in the past have developed a little bit of momentum towards wanting to take action, but I state here and now that I trust, that I know, that I believe, and I welcome that belief to come to me, all the time, more and more.

That I am believing, more and more all the time that the goodness, and the wealth, and the health, and the abundance, and the freedom, and the joyfulness, everything that I aspire to, that I know is already in my vortex.

Ahhh, I can feel it coming to me right now.

It feels so good to feel it coming to me right now.

To release any need for empirical evidence that it is coming and to simply trust, simply know, to believe and I love thinking about that belief.

I love knowing that I have that belief more and more all the time.

Oh, I love knowing that I don’t have to 100% believe, I love knowing that I don’t have to be perfect in my belief.

I know I can have little moments of doubt here and there but I can release those doubts as they come up and return to what I know is true.

What I feel in my bones to be true.

I feel it because my inner being is showing it to me.

I feel it because Source is telling me about it.

Source is raining goodness down upon me even as we speak.

And that goodness comes in the form of dollars, it comes in the form of loving companionship, it comes in the form of all the food I will ever need.

It comes in the form of shelter from the elements.

Oh, I just love thinking about all the different ways that that goodness is coming to me.

It is coming to me in terms of the health of my body right now.

I love feeling the health of the cells, of every single cell in my body.

Every single cell of my body is feeling and perceiving and achieving and ingesting and digesting the goodness, the absolute pure goodness that is raining down on me at this time, at all times, in the past and in the future and right now which is the time that I am focused on, right now.

And I love doing this.

I love focusing on right now.

I love focusing on goodness.

I love focusing on my health.

I love focusing on my wealth.

I love focusing on my freedom.

I love focusing on my joy.

And I love receiving all those things.

Receive, receive, receive.

Allow, allow, allow.

And I love that this is all I have to do in order for these things to come to me.

And as I am feeling into it, I love knowing that sometimes that I am going to get an inspired impulse to do something, to do something - make a phone call, take a walk, go to the store (obviously just an essential store right now) but I can still go to the store.

I can receive this impulses and trust and know that this is my inner being speaking to me.

I can feel the difference between this impulse and other thoughts because it feels good, it feels right, it feels powerful, it feels normal, it feels good, it feels connected, it feels aligned.

And as I get these impulses, and as I follow the impulses wherever they lead, good rains down upon me.

And yes, even in the form of money or work or other abundance, whether it is food or the electric bill or a new car, or whatever it is.

My vortex already has it done.

And its working right now on my behalf to get these things and these experiences to me.

And all I have to do is line up and let it in.’

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