Coming Global Changes


This transcript is from two Opra sessions that were recorded on 9/27/19 and then about a week later.

The client knew that Opra had suddenly started speaking out loud and at length to me just a few days before, and that I had not been able to record it. We both wanted to hear what they had to say, since the subject matter was so different from anything else they had said before that point. Enjoy!

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Q: Can you tell me more about what you were telling Ramona?

 A: The speed at which the power of the network is overtaking the power of size is increasing exponentially. The future that must seem 50 years away is two to three years away. The massive transformation of the planet away from size toward the experience, the efficiency, the personal satisfaction of the network is and will continue to create much turbulence. But it is under way now. This is not the future, this is now.

 Q: Okay, so I think I get what you're...

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