Hi, I'm Ramona. I'm The Lighten Up Lady.

I'm here to tell you that getting everything you want is easy, just by lightening up.

Yes! Lighten up!

It all starts with switching our focus from "discipline" to "blissipline."

In other words, we are all taught to knuckle down, work hard, and sacrifice our current desires or needs for future benefits or for others.

You know, plan our work and work our plan, set SMART goals, go back to school for more skills, wait for fulfillment until xyz happens, and many other head-based concepts.

But what we know in the very marrow of our bones is that living from our hearts is how we actually are meant to be. In other words, inside, we actually WANT to lighten up! We want to be joyful in everything we do. We want to live and act from our hearts, even in “business.”

Enter the art of blissipline.

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Resources for Happiness

I have curated (and in some cases, created) a large collection of products, services and training that complement and support a lifetime practice of blissipline, and which support a life of freedom, joy and growth.

In blissipline, as we learn to lighten up more and more, and in more and more areas of our lives, we experience abundance, relationship bliss, appreciation, ease, fun, and so much more.

It's when we lighten up that we really start to relax. We start to be open to the possibilities and opportunities all around us. We start to see/feel how things are connected, making the following of our paths as simple as following literal stepping stones.

It is with this goal in mind that I select opportunities to include in my resources. Have fun!

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Fundraising for Nonprofits

I help nonprofits with heroic missions to serve others; nonprofits who deserve the funding, support and success of a truly effective fundraising plan.

In other words, your massive and frustrating efforts related to silent auctions, candy sales, annual fund appeals, car washes, random grant requests, etc. may soon be a thing of the past.

There are two significant initiatives that I teach and assist in implementing that will change your nonprofit's relationship with funding forever.

Also, the resources and techniques that I share with individuals can be used to support, you, your staff, and your organization.

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Vibrational Mentor

I provide one-on-one, confidential consulting services for you to work through me to speak with Infinite Intelligence (called Opra).

Through vibrational mentoring, you will learn how to control your own thoughts, feelings, and vibrations, and how to release resistance and limiting belief systems that are slowing you down from receiving what you want.

You will learn to practice blissipline, to lighten up, and to love yourself and your body, so that you can remember how to follow your own guidance.

I call this "Vibrational Mentoring" because as you learn how to raise your own vibration, you tap into your true power, and everything you want starts to come to you, easily.

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About Ramona

I had many careers as a young adult, but especially when I immersed myself in nonprofit leadership, I clearly saw how much we all constrict ourselves with limiting beliefs and with what I call "poverty mentality."

I became a life coach and consultant to help others to release their own limitations and to achieve their innermost desires in life.

That's the short version.  :-)

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