Awaken to Your Authenticity

Vibrational Mentoring from
Ramona and Opra enables
you to be You.

The true You. The big-impact You.
Powerful, joyful, free, loving, abundant, happy, relaxed, confident, beloved, successful.



I Receive My Spiritual Guides To Help Others


My spiritual guides Opra and I help people with big dreams who are ready to live expansively by helping them release the resistance of limiting beliefs and attachments to their desires.

Immediately, you’ll start to feel better. You will have more clarity, see improvements in your relationships and other changes you have been asking for, and approach life with a newfound confidence.

It all starts with switching our focus from "discipline" to "blissipline."

In other words, what we are often taught about hard work and sacrifice is wrong.

Overthinking, waiting for conditions to be right, postponing desires until some future date? All wrong.

Needing to control the people and conditions that bother us in order to feel better? Wrong.

Protesting and staying informed about all the evil in the world is the only/best way to help others? Wrong again!

Opra and I help folks remember that living from our hearts is what we want more than anything, that it's how we actually are meant to be, even in politics, work, marketing,  business - actually, everything. And we can!

Enter the art of blissipline. 


What Clients Are Saying...

Gina Mallison

"Out of all the mentors I’ve worked with, Opra is the most pure and wise and I really feel understood."

Sheila Williams

"[A session with Opra] allows me to get clarity from a place of steady, unconditional love."

Mary Cordelia

"After a session with Opra, I feel like I have been kind of cracked open into a truer version of myself."

Vibrational Mentorship

Are you on the cusp of a breakthrough?

My spiritual guides (called Opra) and I offer private consulting known as Vibrational Mentoring and we would love to help!

Private Sessions

One-on-one, VIP confidential sessions that allow you to speak directly with Infinite Intelligence through Ramona and Opra.


The Alignment Circle Mastermind

Small group mentoring program that allows you to step into full resonance with the powerful being that you are.



Pick up my "Design Your Own Happiness in 5 Easy Steps" Guide

You'll get instant access to Ramona's guide "Design Your Own Happiness in 5 Easy Steps"! 


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