Hi, I'm Ramona. I'm The Lighten Up Lady.

I'm here to tell you that getting everything you want is easy, just by lightening up.

Yes! Lighten up!

It all starts with switching our focus from "discipline" to "blissipline."

In other words, what we are often taught about hard work and sacrifice is wrong.

Overthinking, waiting for conditions to be right, postponing pleasures until some future date - - all wrong.

I help folks remember that living from our hearts is how we actually are meant to be, even in business.

Enter the art of blissipline. Check it out!

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Vibrational Mentor

Are you on the cusp of a breakthrough?

My spiritual guides (called Opra) and I offer private consulting known as Vibrational Mentoring and we would love to help.

Vibrational Mentoring clients are often experienced law of attraction followers who have or want visible and successful businesses, especially coaching or healing practices.

If you want more from your life, Opra and I provide one-on-one, VIP confidential sessions for you to speak directly with Infinite Intelligence.

Through Vibrational Mentoring, everything you want becomes tangible, accessible, practical, believable and done. 


Basics include:

  • How to control your own thoughts, feelings, and vibrations so that you start to feel better - NOW and under any condition.
  • How to release resistance so that that the things you want can start to flow easily to you
  • How to release limiting beliefs so you know that you deserve to feel good and to achieve your dreams
  • How to lighten up and practice blissipline so that everything in your life gets easier and more fun
  • How to love yourself and your body so that you can remember how to better follow your own guidance.


Advanced clients also quickly see benefits such as:

  • Improve your skills and your satisfaction in working with your clients and in the results they get with you, so you never burn out and always enjoy your clients
  • Level up your professional offerings to create true wealth and abundance for yourself and your clients, so you are comfortable being amply rewarded for your gifts
  • Release those oldest, deepest limiting beliefs that have been blocking your self-confidence as a coach/healer/business owner, so you can step into your own authority and own who you truly are
  • Clarify what it is that you really want from your life and your business, so your path of least resistance is obvious and comfortable

Get all of this and more by speaking directly to Source through Opra!

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About Ramona

I had several very satisfying careers as a younger adult, but especially when I immersed myself in nonprofit leadership, I clearly saw how much we all constrict ourselves with limiting beliefs and with what I call "poverty mentality."

I became a life coach, vibrational mentor and consultant to help others to release their own limitations and to achieve their innermost desires in life.

That's the short version.  :-)

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