Ramona Galey,

Welcome to my Author's Page!

Dear Gentle Reader:

I did not originally set out to be an author.

I started out quite passionately as a classical musician, then a lab tech, then a stock broker, a systems analyst, a construction estimator, real estate investor, nonprofit leader, and eventually a coach/mentor.

And now an author.

I write because I have a passion for sharing what I know, 
which can really help others.

Because what I learned literally saved my life, and then my sanity.

So now I work in person with entrepreneurs and others who want to make a big impact on the world, such as write a best-seller book (!), start a heart-based business, excel at heart-based marketing, become a public speaker.


True readiness for such lofty goals is not about professional skills or business expertise.

It’s not even about mindset or discipline, and it’s not about knowledge.

It’s about HeartSet, Focus and Worthiness.


That’s where I - and this book - come in. 


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"Ramona writes from the heart."

"She tells us truths that may seem uncomfortable at first, but after highlighting anything unwanted, she then provides practical steps for releasing it! I love everything about this book and can't wait for her next one!"

~Amanda Lacefield, Online Business Specialist

"From Lonely to Fearless by Ramona Galey is a must-read!"

"From Lonely to Fearless by Ramona Galey tackles loneliness, which is a complex emotion that manifests in different ways. There are many types of loneliness, such as social loneliness, in which, despite one's accomplishments, there is no connection and one feels like a loser. Anomic loneliness stems from radical transformation and change.

Apart from strained relationships and mood swings, loneliness affects many aspects of human life, such as mental and physical health. For us to address the issue of loneliness, we need to be informed and debunk the myths surrounding the issue, such as people thinking it is a temporary state based on current circumstances.

Finding a guide and mentor is key to solving some of the issues that cause loneliness. Other things that might help include practicing self-compassion and unconditional love.

From Lonely to Fearless by Ramona Galey is a must-read! I loved how this book offered a deeper insight into the issue of loneliness. Many people might downplay the impact of loneliness, but it is a combination of issues that leads to the ever-rising cases of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

The examples Ramona gave of different clients were relatable and practical, making the book very effective in passing on the intended message. I also loved how she highlighted some parts that had messages she wanted to stand out.

The systematic and logical flow of ideas also ensured that there was no room for confusion. The narration was excellent, which added to the overall beauty of the book.

Readers will also appreciate the easy-to-understand language used, which makes it accessible to everyone."

~ Frank Mutuma for Readers’ Favorite

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"From Lonely to Fearless" offers truly rich content by dissecting the root causes of loneliness and
reveals amazingly simple solutions to overcome the basic truths we have known. This book
helps connect the dots and creates pathways to becoming a positive, healthier and happier
human being. If you are someone who wants to take back control of your own happiness and
heal those deep underlying wounds, this is the guide for you!
~Corinna Gallaher: Owner, Corijen Auctions

"From Lonely to Fearless" reads like a conversation with a friend.
Sharing life lessons. Ramona unselfconsciously tells her story.
Gifting each of us with methods, strategies and practices that she found helpful.
Use the tools that light up for you. Save the rest. All are yours to keep.
An idea that seems unnecessary today, might be exactly what is needed tomorrow!
~ Laurie Brennen McDonald, Author & Poet

From Lonely to Fearless - Ms. Galey’s wordsmanship is exquisite. That alone is reason enough to read this book. But there is so much more. She provides practical and simple suggestions for combating loneliness, nurturing self-esteem and fostering emotional well being. Her clients stories are proof of the pudding that her suggestions work. Highly recommend this read and also recommend going slow to allow each chapter to sink into your consciousness.
~Nina Westphal

Ramona’s book, “From Lonely to Fearless,” is a beacon of hope for anyone navigating the
complexities of life. If you’ve ever felt that nagging sense that something is amiss or struggled to
find the motivation to move forward, this book is the empowering guide you’ve been waiting for.

Ramona challenges the notion that loneliness is an inevitable fate, asserting that it’s not a
predetermined part of the human experience. With a compassionate and insightful approach,
she delves into the myriad emotions dulled by loneliness, offering readers a roadmap to
rediscover their inner strength and embrace a life filled with courage.

One of the book’s strengths lies in its ability to resonate with readers on a personal level.
Ramona doesn’t just diagnose the problem; she provides practical solutions and powerful tools to
help individuals not only participate but lead their best lives. Her words are a source of inspiration,
guiding readers from the depths of loneliness to the heights of fearlessness.
What sets this book apart is its emphasis on actionable steps.

Ramona doesn’t merely preach; she walks alongside her readers, offering a supportive hand through each transformative chapter. The narrative is both compelling and accessible, making it easy for anyone, regardless
of their life circumstances, to relate and apply the wisdom shared.
Ramona’s writing style is a delightful blend of warmth and wisdom. It feels like a heart-
to-heart conversation with a trusted friend who understands the struggles of the human
experience. The prose is engaging, and the book flows seamlessly, making it a page-turner that
you won’t want to put down.

“From Lonely to Fearless” is not just a book; it’s a lifeline for those seeking positive
change. Ramona’s insights are a testament to her deep understanding of the human spirit
and her genuine desire to help others overcome obstacles. Five stars do not seem sufficient to
capture the value of this book - it’s a masterpiece that deserves a permanent place on every

In conclusion, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment and
fearlessness, look no further than Ramona’s transformative book. Highly recommended!
~Maree Jereb, Educator & Editor


"From Lonely to Fearless" - I’m a good acquaintance of all things deliberate creation, self and unconditional love. Through this book, and the examples of the many people Ramona has worked with I learned that I had been shrugging some important things off that hadn’t noticed before.
Life is supposed to be joyful and fun and there is nowhere to get to.

This book is a great reminder and full with tips on how to get there and stay there as much as I can.
While reading through the chapters it feels like Ramona is actually there, cheering me on
from the margin’s. I can clearly sense that this a labour of love, fun, and inspiration and I know
that Ramona and Opra truly care about the well-being of others. Which includes me.

What I love most about this book, and wisdom & truth books like these, is that they are timeless
and they keep giving and expanding. You can read them multiple times and find something new that you didn't read before. Or 
you can open the book at any page and you will read exactly what you needed to hear that day.
I love doing that. Opening books randomly and being surprised and delighted by the perfect
message on the page that’s in front of me.

A quote from the book, that I loved and find very suiting for Ramona and Opra, for me they
are these examples:

“Seek out those who’ve mastered the art of unconditional love, and let their shining examples
be your guiding stars.”

If you’re reading these words, my words; I’m happy you’re here and I I wish you much
joy, love and loud laughter on this journey. And, of course if you decided you’re ready,
enjoy this wonder-full book.


About the Author

Ramona Galey has had a love for self-expression and connection since she was a little girl.

She often jokes, "My teachers all wrote on my report cards ‘Ramona talks too much in class’ yet I always felt very shy in groups." 

Ramona writes and mentors others because she loves the delicious intimacy of sharing her knowledge with the world, inspiring hope and a way forward to doing what brings joy, one person at a time.

Ms. Galey maintains residences in the beautiful mountains of Georgia and other locations.

She spiritually mentors individuals and small groups to receive everything they desire through the control of their focus.

Galey writes nonfiction books about the spiritual journey to fearlessness, the courage of choosing HeartSet over mindset, and the power of choosing lissipline over discipline.

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From Lonely to Fearless

"From Lonely to Fearless” is a practical guide for anyone feeling lonely, isolated, disconnected, depressed, rejected, painfully shy, low self-esteem, unworthy, or inauthentic.

It will take you on a journey from wherever you are now - whatever you might call it - to a rich life of laughter, confidence, happiness and love. 

Do you have trouble standing up for yourself in the face of other people's opinions? Troubled by a lack of intimacy, connection, love, laughter and camaraderie in your life? Wishing for some positive, like-minded friends to share your life with?

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to:
1. Kick loneliness to the curb,
2. Boost your own self-esteem,
3. Ignore opinions from the "peanut gallery" - the folks who have an opinion about you and what you "should" be thinking, feeling, saying, or doing,
4. Release limiting beliefs based on the opinions of people who are not even around anymore, and
5. Stop repeating the negative self-talk you've absorbed over the years that is keeping you isolated.

We will examine:

  • what loneliness really is.
  • why "advice" you hear about loneliness is based on myths and misunderstandings
  • different ways anyone can reverse the syndrome of loneliness
  • specific action steps that you can implement immediately... you can jump start the life you have always dreamed of - - lonely no more!

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