Why Do Babies Feel So Good?

This transcript is from a session with a client who had recently visited a family member to hold the newest addition to the family, and was overwhelmed by a sense of loving connection that was totally unexpected and unprecedented.

Opra refers to "your baby" - meaning the client's inner child, who had been the topic of much discussion and healing in past sessions.  The client had committed (set an intention) to "protect" their own inner baby from upstream ("negative") internal dialogue that was a lifelong habit.



Q- ‘Why does holding the baby feel so good?’

A- ‘Your baby, which still exists inside of you, which you made a commitment to protect and nurture sometime back, do you remember?  Your baby and every baby are the same.  You are connecting at the baby level because your baby vibration is now open.

As you achieve any vibration, everything that is a match to that vibration becomes you and you become it.  So you...

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Turbulent Energy Worldwide


This session was with a client who was definitely feeling the effects of Covid-19, both in a personal way, as well as in the wilder energy currents palpably circulating the planet, disrupting and replacing the older, slower currents.

As we seek to control the conditions in our lives, it can feel like the sandy ocean floor as we stand in the shallow surf.  As the huge amounts of water move past us, in and out, the sand can literally disappear beneath our feet.  The desire for stability is understandable, but as we experiment even a little bit with it, we discover that we can float, swim, play and jump, and the ocean bottom is always there to catch us.



Q- 'I am feeling a lot of turbulence in my life.'

A- 'The unwanted, your perception of the unwanted, as getting bigger, is purely about your very natural attempts to stabilize within the turbulence.

This rock may be jagged, but it is 'something to hold onto'.

The more ready you are to be...

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Rampage of Wellbeing During Difficult Circumstances


Q- 'So with the Coronavirus, I am without a job. So all I need to do now is raise my vibration?'

A- 'Absolutely.'

Q- 'So I keep immersing myself in a new story?'

A- 'Yes, as you are meditating, as you are taking whatever walks you are allowed to take now, out in nature as much as possible, as you are taking a long hot bath, as you are enjoying your life, and as you are purposefully raising your vibration, as you find yourself in those higher vibrations, cultivate that belief, welcome it in, intend, say:

‘I love the idea of thinking, of knowing, of believing, that everything that I need and want is coming to me right now, that I don’t need to do anything at all to deserve it.

I love knowing that.

I love thinking about it.

I love savoring that concept.

I love allowing myself to believe this.

I love trusting this.

I love feeling into my inner being right now and feeling the truth of this.

Knowing that this has always been true.

This is true for...

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Coming Global Changes


This transcript is from two Opra sessions that were recorded on 9/27/19 and then about a week later.

The client knew that Opra had suddenly started speaking out loud and at length to me just a few days before, and that I had not been able to record it. We both wanted to hear what they had to say, since the subject matter was so different from anything else they had said before that point. Enjoy!

In Joy and Love,



Q: Can you tell me more about what you were telling Ramona?

 A: The speed at which the power of the network is overtaking the power of size is increasing exponentially. The future that must seem 50 years away is two to three years away. The massive transformation of the planet away from size toward the experience, the efficiency, the personal satisfaction of the network is and will continue to create much turbulence. But it is under way now. This is not the future, this is now.

 Q: Okay, so I think I get what you're...

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My Country Is Suffering



Q- 'I am in a country where there is severe poverty. During lockdown, people have no food, water and transport. Children are dying. What can I do?'

A-'We understand the environment, your circumstances, the things that you are focusing on, are quite compelling.

They are quite compelling, and in your physical status, your physical state, you feel the pull, you feel the draw. We understand.

However, you cannot get sad enough to help these people, no matter how sad you get, you cannot get sad enough to help them.

Do not misunderstand our words to others [in the group] about the benefits and positive aspects of some types of fear and anger. They do not apply at the lower vibrations.

Sadness, hopelessness, despair, anger, such as you are describing is a very... they are all very low vibrations. You cannot help anyone from those low vibrations.

If we were in your physical shoes, we would do everything we could to raise our own vibration before even remotely...

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Feeling Into a Decision


Welcome to my new blog!

I hope you enjoy this Opra video.  Future blogs will sometimes include a video just of ME, but when I decided to start a blog, I wanted to start with an Opra video because all of the words in the world don't really convey what I do with Opra. 

That said, here goes: I am a Vibrational Mentor as well as a Transformation Coach. 

I go into a trance and speak with the voice of my Inner Being, called Opra.  Through Opra, I help people by mirroring their own Inner Beings back to them in terms they can understand, as a bridge for them, until they can feel their own inner guidance for themselves. 

Clients quickly learn what it FEELS like to "be in their hearts," and to get their "mindset" into their bodies and their emotions, where all of their personal power is.

It is incredibly pleasurable and satisfying work for me, and I am honored to do it. 

I chose this recent session with a new client (she has graciously given her permission to...

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