My Country Is Suffering



Q- 'I am in a country where there is severe poverty. During lockdown, people have no food, water and transport. Children are dying. What can I do?'

A-'We understand the environment, your circumstances, the things that you are focusing on, are quite compelling.

They are quite compelling, and in your physical status, your physical state, you feel the pull, you feel the draw. We understand.

However, you cannot get sad enough to help these people, no matter how sad you get, you cannot get sad enough to help them.

Do not misunderstand our words to others [in the group] about the benefits and positive aspects of some types of fear and anger. They do not apply at the lower vibrations.

Sadness, hopelessness, despair, anger, such as you are describing is a very... they are all very low vibrations. You cannot help anyone from those low vibrations.

If we were in your physical shoes, we would do everything we could to raise our own vibration before even remotely considering how to help others.

We would stand in our knowing that from a high vibration, many solutions come.

From a low vibration, only the problem exists.

Raise your own vibration, as we know you know how to do, and we understand that this is a significant challenge to fairly newfound skills.

This is a time to practice, to return to the study:

What can I do in my life, in my current circumstances, right now to raise my own vibration?

I can stop watching the news.

I can allow the message that comes from my culture - that says I must be an uncaring person if I will not watch the news - I can release that and say:

‘I care about what I can control, and that is my own vibration. I care about the human race enough to raise my own vibration and become part of the solution.''

Q- 'I want to take action.'

A- 'Yes. As you are consistently raising your own vibration and getting in touch with the solutions, as you are describing you have done some of that, we would encourage you to continue focusing on that.

Focus on raising your own vibration consistently enough to the point where the solutions are coming to you.

The solutions will feel joyful. The solutions will feel joyful.

You do not need to call in the invigoration of anger or fear or even sadness, reparations of injustice, these….to call them in on purpose is too much.

As you stand in your joyfulness, and notice slight flavors of them as in the previous discussion, they will energize. But to call them in on purpose is to lower your own vibration. Do you understand?'

Q- 'Yes.'

A- 'Yes.'

Q- 'You previously told me to walk in nature. Right now I can’t do that as we are in lock down'.

A- 'You own nature, within your own mind, within your own spirit, within your heart, you own all of nature. Do you agree?'

Q- 'Yes.'

A- 'Yes. In your mind, walk in the woods. In your mind, stand under the waterfall.

You have this beautiful, beautiful, infinitely powerful creative imagination. Walk in nature. Always. Walk in nature. Feel the ground through your bare feet. Feel mother earth supporting you. Sending healing vibrations up through your bare souls as you walk contemplatively. One foot, one foot, one foot. Nature is yours. You own it. Yes.'

Q- 'I can go to the balcony and look at the sky.'

A- 'Yes. And when we recommend do not watch the news, we would include social media and even other people, messages. Always and especially now.

We would recommend all of you to carefully create your own flow of input. Carefully, specifically, intentionally create your own input, just as a marble sculptor chips away anything that does not belong to the work of art. It need not be done in anger or in any sense of resistance. Simply in the act of creating the life and the world that you see in your mind, that you desire, create it in your immediate input as you create it from inside out.

As you are creating your life, as you are receiving solutions, create your in-flow of data input, of emotional input, of news input. Do you understand?'

Q- 'But if I don’t know the problem, how do I know the solution?'

A- 'Vibrationally, you know everything that you need to know, always. As you trust your inner being, as you stand in your knowing, everything that you need to know, you know.

As you are meditating, practice knowing, practice knowing, feel what knowing feels like, feel it in your body, feel it in your emotions, when you are completely at peace, silent and hearing, knowing, feeling, feel what that feels like and carry that with you into the day. Knowing, knowing that all is well. Knowing, knowing that all is well. Knowing. The solutions will flow to you quite easily and joyfully in this state of mind, in this state of being’.

Q- 'That has happened - when I am meditating, an idea comes.'

A- 'Yes. Yes. This is the knowing. You cannot know from sadness or overwhelm.'

Q- 'Sometimes sadness drives me to act.'

A- 'We understand. It is the way of the action world. You want more. You are asking for more. We feel it. We see it. We hear it so clearly. You are asking to be a part of the solution. You want more.'

Q- 'I can’t accept the suffering.'

A- 'Yes. Yes and as you raise your vibration, you will see very clearly the truth. And know exactly what to do. This will be easy for you. The strength of your desire cannot be denied.'

Q- 'I do not accept this defeat of humanity.'

A- 'Yes. There is no defeat of humanity.'

Thank you for reading!

Much love,
Ramona (and Opra)

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