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Feeling Into a Decision

decisions inner being intuition making big decision opra video wants to live her life Jun 08, 2020

Welcome to my new blog!

I hope you enjoy this Opra video.  Future blogs will sometimes include a video just of ME, but when I decided to start a blog, I wanted to start with an Opra video because all of the words in the world don't really convey what I do with Opra. 

That said, here goes: I am a Vibrational Mentor as well as a Transformation Coach. 

I go into a trance and speak with the voice of my Inner Being, called Opra.  Through Opra, I help people by mirroring their own Inner Beings back to them in terms they can understand, as a bridge for them, until they can feel their own inner guidance for themselves. 

Clients quickly learn what it FEELS like to "be in their hearts," and to get their "mindset" into their bodies and their emotions, where all of their personal power is.

It is incredibly pleasurable and satisfying work for me, and I am honored to do it. 

I chose this recent session with a new client (she has graciously given her permission to publish) because I was struck by the gentle way in which she so beautifully absorbed Opra's message and allowed her own tremendous expansion over the course of just 30 minutes.  To my understanding, she had no previous knowledge of Opra or exposure to Law of Attraction concepts - she just knew that she wanted to feel better.  And she felt like she had an important life decision to make which was causing her discomfort.

Future blog posts will also be from me as a Law of Attraction coach and trainer.  The first 5 or 6 will come daily and after that, weekly.  I have no idea how this blog will develop, whether it will be more of my written ideas or more video, but I'm sure that it will unfold perfectly over time.  I generally tend to let Opra's work speak for itself, but I also enjoy "discussing" whatever expansion concept is on my mind at any given moment, so we shall see. 

And if you have a preference of video versus written materials, or a question you'd like answered, please do let me know.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

In Joy and Love,

 PS:  The video has been edited only for length - no discussion has been omitted.  There were many long sections where Opra and the client simply gazed lovingly at each other and shared/practiced super-high vibrations.  The vibrational value of this type of exchange is huge.

PPS:  Please register here on this page for new blogs and to be kept in the loop on emails.  I promise you will not be inundated with daily emails!  Just the first 5 blogs this week, then weekly blog announcements after that, plus occasional other messages of interest.  And, of course, cancel anytime. Thank you.

VIDEO: recorded May 12, 2020

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