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Coming Global Changes

energy streams entrepreneurs future global change network opra personal satisfaction streams technology transcript transformation turbulence Jun 10, 2020

This transcript is from two Opra sessions that were recorded on 9/27/19 and then about a week later.

The client knew that Opra had suddenly started speaking out loud and at length to me just a few days before, and that I had not been able to record it. We both wanted to hear what they had to say, since the subject matter was so different from anything else they had said before that point. Enjoy!

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Q: Can you tell me more about what you were telling Ramona?

 A: The speed at which the power of the network is overtaking the power of size is increasing exponentially. The future that must seem 50 years away is two to three years away. The massive transformation of the planet away from size toward the experience, the efficiency, the personal satisfaction of the network is and will continue to create much turbulence. But it is under way now. This is not the future, this is now.

 Q: Okay, so I think I get what you're saying. The idea is just like the Internet, it's a distributed system. It's not centralized so there's no centralized point of control anymore.

 A: See the beauty of this for your fellow humans and yourself. There is much less opportunity for blame, for excuses. All humans, except for the highest vibrating and the youngest, will require guidance to adjust the mindset to this change. The network of individuals and small organizations is so much more effective, pleasurable, powerful then the large organization. Everyone will want in, and very few are suited. The opportunity to impact millions is here in this turbulence. Release your personal resistance. The personal skills necessary to join, to contribute, to benefit, to take pleasure, become more and more obvious to each person as they are ready. Many may be left behind, many will rise. You choose. Everyone chooses. Release the personal resistance.

 Q: To what?

 A: To every aspect of this change. Allow your desire to participate, to benefit, to serve, to lead, to guide... allow this desire. Milk the desire, to rise, to benefit, to serve, to be of service, in pleasurable, fascinating, exhilarating ways. Milk this desire, both of you. Bring it into your body. Complete the circuit. Complete the circuit.

 Q: I think I'm getting that. There feels like there's still some not clarity on how to help those...I assume this means people going into business for themselves, or as you said the network is small and vast. Small businesses or whatever. Is that what you meant?

 A: The personality that chooses to work for someone else will continue to have opportunities. The small organization provides opportunities for people who do not wish to be in business for themselves. But the illusion of security is non-existent. These people will feel the turbulence of this change of mindset. They will choose to adapt or not. Those who choose to adapt will be looking for leadership, for guidance. Every type of roll on your planet will contain people who will adapt and people who will not. Keep the focus on the people who wish to adapt. There is an answer for every single type of person. There is leadership, there is service to guide through the coming turbulence, through the existing turbulence.

As they summon, open to the summoning. Open to your reaction, your response. Your answering, your Inner Being, Source, will answer them through you. Through many, including you. Open to this guidance, and open to the summoning. Allow your desire to serve many to cut through your personal resistance. This is the path of least resistance to releasing your resistance. [Fun]

 Q: Maybe I have preconceived notions on how it needs to unfold or what it needs to look like. You said 'Be open to the summoning.'  With this young man who showed up the other day with the voices in his head, I was really open to that. And I didn't have a logical reason to be, because I'm not in that field, but I knew that I could connect with him. Is that what you're talking about?  [referring to past discussions].

 A: Yes, that's a wonderful example. Buying the car is a wonderful example. Allowing others to take up what you perceive as the slack with your [parent] is a wonderful example. Drinking lots of water, and breathing down into your heart, and connecting with your body - wonderful examples. 

 Q: Okay, more flow, more inspiration in the moment.

 A: More saying yes. More saying yes as the inspiration strikes. Only you can choose which is the juiciest, the fastest train for you. there are vast numbers of people who can benefit from your message, who are ready for your message. They are either consciously aware of this transition in the global makeup of how everything works on the planet, or they are instinctively feeling it. And they are open, they are more and more ready. Think of the millions of people who have devoured the Rich Dad Poor Dad message for several decades, they understand the concept, they are ready for more, they are eager for more, they are summoning more. They are summoning you.

 Q: I know it's about me showing up.

 A: Be open to the summoning. you are practicing opening more and more to your own desires, allowing, embracing, milking your own desires. This is excellent practice. It is necessary for you. It is also good practice for being opening to the summoning of others. Opening to the summoning of others is where great wealth can come from. In serving massive amounts of people. Massive abundance.

Q: Yes, that follows. I want to come back around to this subject, I can feel that last piece. It just reminded me of one of my master coaches years ago wrote a book that said the clients you are seeking are seeking you. It's always about rendezvous. But you got to be ready for the rendezvous on your side, before they can rendezvous with you.

A: Yes, you are very familiar with this concept, intellectually. We are proposing you embrace this concept as a desire, and bring it into your body. As you align fully, viscerally, with your desire and their desires, the steps become un-resistable [fun]. It no longer becomes 'which step should I take, this one or this one?' It is 'okay bye, see you later, gotta go!' [Fun]

 Q: Okay, I feel that.

A: This is what you are wanting.

Q: It is what I'm wanting, yes.

A: The divinely led, the divinely pushed (fun. Full of pleasure and satisfaction, love, fulfillment, service, contribution.

Q: Yes. It's interesting, I see it now, part of the visual that comes up when I think of is the chasm between where I am and where they are. The perception of ‘how do they find me, how do I find them.’ Literally I could see a chasm. It just came into view here, so I see what you're saying, that these processes close this gap that I'm creating.

A: The desire closes the gap. The processes do not. The processes allow you to bring your desire to complete the circuit within you. It allows you to complete the circuit between you and them. The desire is the key to everything.

Q: It’s definitely there. All right, I’ve got so many things to enjoy and practice now!

A: “Yes.


Q: Can you tell me about where the global changes are coming from?

A: The unification of the individual components, while fluid, is forming specific intentions. Unified intentions around the world. Among numerous, numerous individuals. And as each summoning occurs in this way, the power of the many shoots through very quickly very powerfully, and then ebbs again. And the next, and the next, and this fluid connection of components occurs over and over and over. Abraham mentions the difference between clumps and streams in non-physical. This is the same. The summoning, rather than being done in clumps, is turning into streams. Each individual is riding whatever stream they are riding. And what stream they are riding can change from moment to moment, or it can stay the same. Is it is up to each individual. But the similarity of the requests, of the desires of the summoning are uniting in fluid streams of powerful summoning.

Q: That's so visual, I really got that. And then so, that's sort of the source, that's with summoning, that's the request that's becoming cohesive in some senses, that's so similar. And how would you articulate the request itself. What are they asking for?

A: Everything. [fun] Everything. The starving child is requesting food. The billionaire is requesting purpose. Everything.

Q: Okay. Then how do we... This idea of the peer-to-peer Network as opposed to the large corporate control. It sounds like one of the largest parts of the summoning is a sense of freedom and flexibility, fluidity.

A: Yes, but also the connection. The connection is one of the prime driving forces of the summoning, within the peer-to-peer.

Q: Yes, that makes perfect sense. Any structure inherently creates isolation. And cliques. Very interesting. I got a bigger picture then, when you said that.

A: This is why the technology is the outgrowth, not the driver.

Q: Okay, it's just a facilitation, the facilitator of the need the desire for connection. The path of least resistance to line that up.

A: The person who is trying to till the field with a donkey is requesting a tractor. The person that is working from home surrounded by gadgets is requesting connection. Technology seems to be the answer to both requests. This is why the technology is not the driver, it is the outgrowth.

Q: Okay I'm getting that. What I'm still not quite getting is where we fit in to facilitating this, playing with it, benefiting from it.

A: There are infinite ways. The excitement that you are both feeling does not need to be in the same stream.

Q: As each other?

A: As each other. The stream is fluid. Each stream... Streams do not have boundaries, they intermingle. They integrate, they blend. Find the areas of overlap and do not resist the areas of differentiation. Ride this dream together towards both of your goals, by each of you keeping the excitement in the body, in the forefront of the focus.


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