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Building a Coaching Business

build a business coach coaching business coaching business clients fees money opra price transcript trust worthiness Aug 24, 2020

This transcript is from an Opra session with clients wishing to expand their clientele and build other aspects of their business, and asking what their fees should be. 

Opra advises them keep money unattached to the equation, and to feel into the alignment of the answer, rather than to think about the question.

Opra also advises them to focus on raising their own vibrations of trust and worthiness, as they serve as role models for their clients.



Q- ‘We want to move into coaching business clients.  What should we charge?'

A- 'The energetic vibration of money feels different in the business community.  Do you agree?  [Yes]  The economy of money moving quickly from hand to hand to hand is the robust economy.  The economy of the same amount of money moving from hand to hand more slowly is a sluggish economy.

The same money.  The same money.  This is the fast train.  You are both oriented towards the fast train.  You are both satisfied by the challenge and the exhilaration of the fast train.'

Q- 'We have the desire.'

A- 'And the trust and the worthiness.  This is not about the database of skills and knowledge in each of your brains.  This is about taking an entire community to a new level.  Yes.  Yes.  We see multiple applications.  Sales force, customer service, everything.  Yes.  How fast do you want your train to move?

Q- 'Fast'.

A- Who do you want to work with first?'

Q- 'CEOS, but I don’t believe it's possible.'

A- 'That is good information.  How fast do you want your train to go?'

Q- 'Fast'.

A- 'We are teasing you a bit.  This is a moment-to-moment decision-making process to be made in alignment, in co-creation, with inspiration.  What do you want to serve at your buffet?'

Q- 'We want to do what feels good.'

A- 'Yes.  Allow the inspiration.  Follow the juiciest one, when receiving multiples.

Understand that the next one is not a missed train, but a train that has been placed on the side track for now.  It can be restarted anytime. Nothing is lost.

Ride each train as long as it’s the fastest and the most satisfying.  Jump to the next train as it comes along in a very natural unfolding.

Trusting your instincts and your inspirations along the way.  This will not be a linear path.  By definition, there is nothing logical about it.'

Q- 'I understand.'

A- 'We think so too, when trust and worthiness are included in the equation, which they are more and more all the time.'

Q- 'Trust and worthiness.'

A- 'That is the pivot point for everything.  This is the most powerful formula you can role model for your clients.'

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