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My Family Is Upset With Me

avoiding family choose our own happiness family intellect kindness love mind your own business opra parent speak from the heart split energy suffering transcript Jun 29, 2020

Opra's client here has taken a stand with family that many of us hesitate to do, even with friends or colleagues.  The choice was to discontinue contact with one member, temporarily.

When we choose our own happiness over the demands of others - even close family members - it's easy to feel out of our comfort zone.  We can have a lot of "split energy" - where we feel high vibration and low vibration together - yes and no, happy and sad.

That's understandable. While we care about the person, we also know that we can't care abut what they think, feel, say, or do.  Since we can't control them, it doesn't make sense to try to care about their behavior. 

But if  we know we are not managing our vibration well on this subject, the path of least resistance can often be to break off contact until we can get a hold of our own vibration.

And often our beloved "bystanders" will rush in to tell us how wrong we are, that we are "hurting" the family, that we are cruel, selfish, etc.  Which of course can activate the lower vibration even more. 

If we let it.

Focus is key, as usual: how can I raise, and then maintain, my own vibration?

As is worthiness: do I believe I deserve to be happy?

And bottom line: I know that the only way I can truly love and help another person is by being happy first.  In fact, it's the greatest gift I can give anyone - my own happiness.



Q- 'I am not in contact with my [parent] while I regain my alignment in the relationship.  My [other family member] is upset with me for this.  Can you help me?'

A- 'We agree that you have excellent clarity on it.  You are clear on what your...what your path is.  And your lack of responsibility for anyone else’s feelings or happiness or actions.

The split energy that you are feeling about it, we believe it ties directly into your newly discovered hatch to your heart [referring to an earlier discussion].

As you step more and more into your heart, or climb down the ladder, or whichever metaphor you use for it, we believe this split energy will become less and less split.

It will be easier for you to say very lovingly and very kindly and in the way that you wish to be:

‘I have chosen not to interact with this individual right now for my own happiness.  I had no wish to put you between us.  But I cannot reverse my decision in order to help you’.

As you say this very lovingly, it will resonate for you and it will resonate for any other family member.

Attempting to deal with matters of the heart with loved ones who are in pain, through the intellect, is a very split energy.

Trust your heart.  Embrace your heart, and then have the conversation.'

Q- ‘They are suffering.’

A- ‘As a vibrational being, you always have been and will always be sensitive to the vibration of suffering, because it is so unnecessary, and you know this.

You know this with every fiber of your being.  And to see a loved one choose suffering is, can be, very unsettling.’

Q- ‘OK’.

A- ‘The best thing you can do, you know this already, but we will remind you, the best thing you can do for any loved one is to mind your own business.

And in this case, heart your own business.  And the more you find yourself in your heart, the more benefit you will be to everyone around you. ‘

Q- ‘I may need to revisit this.’

A- ‘When your rubber band [on the client's wrist] becomes a reminder to enter the heart, everything will be much more clear.

This is not to diminish the incredible power of your intellect.  It is simply to acknowledge a greater power.’

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