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Turbulent Energy Worldwide

coaching control coronavirus covid emotional turbulence feelings let go of the past letting go opra out of control readiness stability transcript video Jun 12, 2020

This session was with a client who was definitely feeling the effects of Covid-19, both in a personal way, as well as in the wilder energy currents palpably circulating the planet, disrupting and replacing the older, slower currents.

As we seek to control the conditions in our lives, it can feel like the sandy ocean floor as we stand in the shallow surf.  As the huge amounts of water move past us, in and out, the sand can literally disappear beneath our feet.  The desire for stability is understandable, but as we experiment even a little bit with it, we discover that we can float, swim, play and jump, and the ocean bottom is always there to catch us.



Q- 'I am feeling a lot of turbulence in my life.'

A- 'The unwanted, your perception of the unwanted, as getting bigger, is purely about your very natural attempts to stabilize within the turbulence.

This rock may be jagged, but it is 'something to hold onto'.

The more ready you are to be 'buffeted about', the less you will need to 'hold onto' anything to stabilize.

Do you feel the difference in your readiness to experience your current turbulence, compared to even a month ago? [Yes].

This is the readiness. Exactly.

Focus on being ready.

Appreciate any improvement in your readiness.

Consider letting go of anything from the past.

Consider letting go of anything that doesn’t feel good, more quickly than you are used to.

The desire for 'stability' is a desire to palpably slow the pace, to avoid 'hitting the tree' (as Abraham calls it) at 80 miles per hour.

But the reality is, there is no [literal] tree.

It is perfectly acceptable for you to continue at this pace.

It is perfectly acceptable for you to accelerate your pace.

The only difference is letting go of the unwanted.

Letting go of the past, letting go of the old stabilizers.

One day you may choose one faster pace, the next day you may choose a slower pace again.

As you experiment with this, and as you feel the exhilaration but slightly out-of-control feeling of the faster pace, and as you experience the slower, more-in-control, but uncomfortable slower pace, you will make more preference-based choices, rather than habit-based.’

Q- ‘This will help me feel more in control?'.

A- ‘More ready.  More ready to be out of control.

Less wedded to the idea that control gives you anything positive’.

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