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The Vibrational Difference between Rich and Poor People?

freedom happiness happy inside money opra outside poor resistance rich transcript vibrational difference worthiness Aug 31, 2020

What is the vibrational difference between rich people and poor people?

The vibrational essence of "worthiness," which allows wealth to flow easily into one person's life but not in another, is essentially the same "worthiness" that allows good health, loving relationships, and satisfying purpose (aka "work") to flow easily into one person's life but not another. 

So if we feel generally worthy, what creates abundance and "wanted" in one area of our lives, but not another?

Enter limiting beliefs.  All "unworthiness" stems from faulty thinking - a belief system, made up of thoughts that are thought over and over again, that declares it to be impossible for "___________ to happen for me," regardless of how many others have received it.  Just fill in the blank with the subject, it doesn't matter what it is.

So, back to the original question: what is the vibrational difference?

There is none.  When it's about money, some people are quite happy being rich, while some people are quite happy being free of financial concerns and feel very prosperous with relatively small amounts of money.  Some people are miserable no matter how much money they have - chasing money in a search for relief and meaning.  Some people are milking poverty for all its worth - with all of the blaming and the victim stance that goes with it.

When it's about any other subject, for example our bodies, it's the same principle. Consider a happy, self-loving heavier person versus an unhappy thin person, in a culture where thin is always assumed to be "better." Does it matter "how" one is out of alignment with one's body, such as with anorexia or bulimia, or with serial dieting, cosmetic surgery, self-mutilation, drug abuse, over-eating, or, or, or? No, because the bottom line is always vibrational.

The only true vibrational difference between people is if they are happy or not.  In any given moment, are they feeling good, in alignment, focused lightly on their desires, enjoying their own growth and upcoming challenges, having fun, enjoying life? Or not?

In fact, there is no set vibrational difference between any 2 externally labeled classes of people.  Politics, body shape, finances, medical condition, religion, gender, age, sexual preference, nothing.

Are they happy right now, or not?  That's it!


Opra transcript:


A- 'So first of all, not everybody wants to be rich.

Everybody likes freedom, but for some people that means not having money, because money doesn’t feel like freedom to them, it feels like a prison.

And if the path of least resistance from where they are to freedom is through poverty, than they that is the way they will go.

In order to feel better.

Because money doesn’t feel like anything.  Your thoughts about money feel.  Your circumstances feel. 

But money itself does not feel.

And also, somebody can be very high vibration on one subject and very low vibration on another.

Many people are very high vibration about money.

They have a total sense of worthiness and entitlement and they draw money everywhere they go.

And yet they may not attract loving partners.  They may have never felt the love of a beautiful relationship.

Again, attempting to assess someone else’s situation by looking at their outside, because you can never truly experience what is going on with somebody else’s inside.

All you can see is their outside.  What they say, how they act, how they look - that is all outside.

If you draw any conclusion based on what you are seeing in others, it is always going to be faulty.  It is never going to ring true for you.  It is never going to be applicable to your own circumstance.

Your inner being knows you, and knows what you want, and knows how to get it for you.

You just have to follow your impulses and your feelings.'

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