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Loving Our Bodies

bodshift body breakthrough coaching love membership ramona transformation weight Jul 06, 2020

I’ve been celebrating my own personal breakthroughs a lot recently:

  • 2014: New clarity on what really matters to me and beginning to learn how and why to choose who and what I focus on (RESULT: feeling happy for the first time in a decade, in spite of my beloved life partner having just passed away);
  • 2015: Breakthroughs in allowing my own abundance by letting go of poverty consciousness, in allowing better connection with my body, and in becoming able to finally release an old, stressful, unwanted job and step into what I want to do with my life and how I want to serve others (RESULT: more money, more pleasure, more joy, and more adventures);
  • 2016: Finally getting more and more clarity about what I actually want in a romantic relationship - and accepting that I wasn’t ready yet! (RESULT: a ton of valuable experimentation that was 40 years overdue!);
  • 2017: Letting go of clutter and the past in visceral ways, and buying the Summer home of my dreams (RESULT: feeling so much lighter than ever before, and realizing that I truly could be, do, or have anything I want);
  • 2018: Letting go of even more past and even more clutter, and moving into my ideal Winter community (RESULT: starting to really connect with a wide variety of people in a whole new way, after a lifetime of suspicion and always feeling like the “odd man out”);
  • 2019: Transformations in loving my body, releasing unwanted weight, celebrating who I really am, listening to my Inner Being in much more tangible ways, gaining even more clarity on what I want in my romantic life, and huge breakthroughs in my ability to serve others in incredibly satisfying ways (RESULT: gaining 50 pounds of leanness, and receiving Opra to the huge benefit of myself and others);
  • 2020: Huge additional breakthroughs in my relationship with my body and even more clarity on how much I love to serve others (RESULT: even more money, and allowing the massive healing of past physical “traumas”).

And my favorite part of looking back at all of these breakthroughs and celebrations is knowing that I accomplished all of that, not by trying to change myself - or trying to lose weight, to make more money, or to figure out where to live – but by simply being me. I mean, really “being” me.

Not by resisting the real me, which I had done from age 5 to age 55. But by actually learning to love the real me. To really feel the freedom and the joy and who I AM. To really feel the freedom and the joy that is the world around me. And by learning to accept who and what I AM in any given moment, with no judgement, blame, guilt, or shame. By playing, by laughing, by loving unconditionally, and by experimenting without attaching to any results. By doing that, I accomplished incredible results!

It’s a true paradoxthe less we focus on (and attach to) results, the better results we get. LOL! So, I’m really not just trying to brag about my achievements, I’m asking you to take just a moment to really focus on the vibrational essence of each breakthrough I described above: Playfulness, self-love, acceptance, freedom, relaxation, letting go, embracing my own desires, trusting my body and my own guidance, clarity.

And the most recent outgrowth of all of these breakthroughs and transformations is my newest initiative, which I call BodShift. This is a membership and coaching program, launching very soon, which helps women start to fall in love with themselves again, focusing especially on the body. It’s a natural outgrowth of HeartSet, which is my term for where the true focus of mindset changes needs to be – in the heart.  Because how can we live in our hearts if we are out of alignment about our bodies? Our bodies are where we live! And our bodies are beautiful, and strong, and resilient, and pleasurable, just the way they are.

LOL! Don’t believe me? Or do you agree with me, but you just don’t know how to actually believe it, to live it? I’ve got you covered!

Know this: if I can heal 3 ruptured vertebral disks without surgery, and happily shed 50 pounds of weight at the age of 60 while having Hashimoto’s without exercise or one iota of feeling deprived or hungry, then you, dear reader, can do it too!

I will be sharing more and more here about the mindset/HeartSet changes that are involved in learning to love yourself in the coming weeks.

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And if you have a specific question about learning to love yourself and especially your body, drop me a line. Maybe I will be able to answer it here for everyone’s benefit!

Much love,

PS - remembering how to love ourselves, and to allow love in, can take considerable re-training. You can absolutely do it on your own. However if you want to super-charge your process, consider getting assistance from Opra. Just click here.