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I Am Jealous of My Friends

abundance attracting people bodies bodshift coaching daydreams focus health jealousy lack opra resentment transcript transformation video wealth Jul 20, 2020

Jealousy can be a tough feeling to sort out, because when we are jealous we think we are looking right at one of our desires and just being "petty" about someone else having it.

But in reality, that awful feeling of jealousy means that we are looking squarely, solidly right at the LACK of that thing we want.

And in this Opra transcript, the client is feeling the effects of focusing on a lack of financial wealth. But this can apply to any subject!

While I am writing this post, I am also finishing the beta version of my new program "BodShift: The Transformation." It's a course for women who want to learn to love and transform their own bodies, and it is to be released in a few days.

As I am thinking these days so much about all aspects of our bodies, I am seeing very clearly how my own jealousy over other women's bodies played such a large part in my own body not responding the way I wanted it to.

Of course my body didn't respond well to years of negative self-talk, focus on lack, and generally upstream vibrations. But it also didn't respond (the way I wanted it to) to several years of meditation, positive self-talk, abundance, laughter and appreciation.

But as soon as I started focusing squarely on physical abundance with no jealousy/lack - including appreciating all those beautiful, thin, happy women I saw everywhere - that's when the transformation started to show in my body.

Bottom line: focusing on lack never feels good, and it's not healthy for our bodies, either! Thankfully, once we understand what we are doing, it's easy to change.



Q- 'Is it bad that I have wealthy friends?'

A- 'We think it is a good thing.

We think you are naturally attracting people who are closer to your natural wavelength - full of abundance and appreciation and fun and joyfulness and freedom.

The only are allowing yourself to focus on the lack that you perceive in your life.

You are naturally happy for them and then later you are focusing on yourself and your lack.

Such a small thing to change.

It is the exact opposite thing but it is a small change to make, to move from focusing on the lack to focusing on the present.

Focus on anything that you can think of that helps you to not focus on the lack.

As you are meditating, or as you are taking a nap, or as you are taking a shower, allow your mind to drift into daydreams of you having those same things, whatever they are:

the freedom to go shopping,
a manicure/ pedicure combination,
a really fancy hairstyle,
first class tickets,

whatever it is, as you are remembering your friends, and their descriptions, and their expressions of joy, and your feelings and expressions of joy for them.  Continue that, and when you start to feel that level of resentment or jealousy, just say -

'Oh, that’s me focusing on lack again.

I am going to focus on the presence of what I want instead of the absence of what I want.’

It’s a very small shift but it's very powerful’.

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