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I Have a Big Vision

coaching doubt dream embarassment habit open channel opra resistance transcript trust video vision Aug 17, 2020


Q: I have a big vision

A: “This vision is already reality, is well underway. Doubting this fact will only slow down the process.”

Q: So I should just trust it? And I don't need to keep being embarrassed? By the size of my vision? Because my vision is huge...

A: “The resistance you are calling embarrassment, is simply a habitual response, learned early. You may let this go. Slowing down something that feels like a big vision does serve one positive purpose. It keeps you from getting into too much detail. If you are consciously choosing and intending and focusing on the general, as long as it feels good, only adding detail as it feels good, backing off the detail at the slightest hint of resistance, you will not need the embarrassment anymore.”

Q: Right. The only detail is the detail basically right here that feels yummy, either in a fantasy version just cuz it's fun, or in a 'oh, I have a phone call to make' way. But not next year's phone calls, and not any fantasy version that doesn't feel fun.

A: “Exactly. Add no details to the future vision, the coming vision, the desire, unless the details feel good.”

Q: Yes, because when I do that I start to feel... It immediately brings up doubt.

A: “We believe this is where your...continued sense of embarrassment is coming from. The habitual act upon the instinctive knowing not to go too fast.”

Q: So even if one day it is going to be that massive, I don't have to give that any thought right now.

A: “Yes. When you are singing, you can push great quantities of air through an open channel using the musculature, or you can crimp the channel, make it smaller, to make up for the lack of air. This is the effect that your embarrassment is having. A metaphor, for the way you are using your embarrassment. Open the channel. Take all the resources you need. Allow them to flow through the open channel. No restrictions.”

Q: I like that. When I do that, I feel so much opening up in front of me, but I can't see it. But I can feel it.

A: “Yes. Practice that feeling. The open channel, the free flow. The relaxation, the ease.”

Q: Great. I remember studying with a singing teacher, how she would help me just be as relaxed and open as possible, almost like lying down while standing up. Then she would do this thing, where it's almost just a mental focus, like a direction of the tone up here [pointing to forehead/third eye]. And of course, the breath is not going anywhere near there, so it is virtually an illusion. It's an imagination that does something, but it's not a constriction at all. It's just allow, and then have this focus, and the combination of the two just allowed incredible things to happen that were seemingly totally unrelated to what was happening before, and with zero effort. Non effort. And like flying, or something.

A: “Yes. This is a vibrational reality of the focus. Having you focus there changed the vibration of the air column. It changed the vibration of your entire body, change the vibration of the tone itself. This is a perfect analogy.”

Q: This feels so clear and right.

A: “Yes.”

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