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Remove Conditions from Desires on Your Vision Board

body conditions opra outlandish transcript vision board Aug 10, 2020

We've been talking a lot these days about loving our bodies, and how that love shows up in our lives.

But a question I get a lot is, how and where do I START loving a body about which, frankly, I can't find much to love? Every subject feels awful: weight, illness, injury, beauty, age, stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes, yikes!

And when I look in the mirror, it feels even worse. I can tell I'm focusing on what I don't want.

One of the basic principles of Law of Attraction is to stick with subjects that feel good when practicing a new skill, rather than hammering on the topic where you feel so much resistance.

For example, in the case of our bodies, we could use a vision board, rather than a mirror. But personally, I would not use a picture of a "younger or fitter" version of myself, and not someone else's body with my face on it, as I've seen others do.

Here's a short transcript from an Opra session:

Q: How can I remove the conditions from my desires on my vision board?

A: "If we were you, our vision board would be outlandish.

Instead of a traditional home or mansion or rancher or other condition, our home representation would be a bird's nest, a tree house, a yurt in the Alps. Multiple representations of that desire.

The desire is a beautiful, and safe, and warm, and loving environment, it is not actually a house.

[Say:] 'A car is the freedom to come and go as I please, the fun of hugging the road at a speed that is exhilarating. It is a place to store the things that I need when I travel, it's the ability to visit with friends. I will represent this in my mind with many different types of transportation, not just one picture of a car.'

A specific car is a condition - - the freedom, the feeling, the exhilaration, is your desire.

This is how we would do our vision board, until feeling the feeling, and the desire, is more habitual then reaching for a condition. This is a very subtle change, not big. Do it softly, laughingly.

We see a wide, wide open path for you. This is easy. We feel your shift already."

Now imagine applying this concept to your body.

What images and concepts come to mind when you are in alignment? In other words, what do you really want your body to provide for you?

The freedom and joyfulness of easy movement? The bliss and ecstasy of physical pleasures? The confidence and directness of great strength? The self-esteem and authority of being looked at and admired?

As you create a new vision board this time, see what images, especially "outlandish" ones as Opra suggested, that you can find that represent those feelings and concepts, instead of anything literally having to do with your body.

You will be amazed at how great this feels! And how quickly you can allow love for your body into your life using this technique.

There is great Love here for you!

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