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Money vs. Manifesting Transformation

marketing matching vibration money opra self worth Sep 28, 2020

Many clients come to me with confusion about their finances, their businesses or work, and even their satisfaction in their romantic relationships, where it all seems to hinge around money. But money is never the actual issue. Because money isn't a feeling, it has no vibration of it's own. It can trigger a focus on lack, our self-limiting beliefs, and a lot of resistance, but once we remove the idea of money from the equation, it gets very easy to let go of those actual underlying cause(s) of unease.

This client was consulting with Opra after having participated in multiple unproductive marketing campaigns for an education product:

A: “We feel very clearly that you would do this work with no pay whatsoever."

Q: Yes

A: "Your work is to de-link your work from the money.”

Q: Should I just get a job? I've got bills.

A: “The path of least resistance is not to jump ship from something that is working... the path of least resistance is to get into alignment. There are aspects of your past and current offerings that are less attractive to you."

Q: Yes

A: "In pushing away these tasks, you are furthering the resistance. Your path of least resistance may be to embrace these tasks that you do not wish to do as much as the teaching, and to do the teaching with no money attachment. To de-link the money issue from the work that you love, by doing more of the [other] work - - we sense great split energy in you about this [other] work - - we feel this is your path of least resistance.”

Q: I think I can clean up the energy on that

A: “We think so, too.”

Q: I do love aspects of that work, and I'm really good at that work, and it benefits people, and it pays well, and there's been people asking for it recently I haven't even replied to.

A: “Are you telling us that the universe has been speaking to you and you've been ignoring it?” [Fun]

Q: Yes. So I'll just go ahead and start the class...and just do my best, and don't worry about how many people are in there. Just enjoy doing it, which I think is good for me. And then also be aware that that's not what I'm using for money, I'm just going to do it for a while. I'm going to focus energy back on reinvigorating older work, whatever that means. I'm just going to clean up the vibration, not strategize, and just give that a try, and see if I can settle into that instead of trying to push through.

A: “Yes. We also sense you linking not only money, but self worth, with the respondents to your announcements.”

Q: Yes, yes I can feel when you say that it feels true.

A: “You have done your best to remove money from the equation, while still charging something. So you know that the lack of response is not about money in the action world.”

Q: Exactly. Which has made it a little confusing, since that [cost] is most people's excuse.

A: “But this is not why you have not been getting the results. It's purely vibrational.”

Q: So by taking my money needs, and divorcing them from that [teaching] for now, then I think I can be more cleanly vibrational about it. And there's a growth piece in there without the money...just about standing in my truth…

A: “Yes.”

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