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abundance building business business coaching fun gold heartset mindset opra resistance step 6 step six transcript Sep 07, 2020


Q- 'I have so many ideas for my coaching business. Can you help?'

A- 'Your resistance has fallen away quite a bit since last week.

We would continue with this...sensing into it, allowing it to come to fruition within your vibrant imagination.

Allowing it to speak to you rather than for you to design it.

And as you do that, as you stand in your knowing and allow all of the possibilities to wash over your awareness, it is reminding Ramona of the act of 'panning for gold'.

Swish, swish, swish, and the heavy bits, the valuable bits, fall to the bottom, in a place where they can very easily be seen and gathered.

They shine so brightly that they are very obvious.

Swish, swish, swish.

Very easy.

This is not pencil and compass work.

Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish.'

Q- 'Should I take action with the ideas?'

A- 'Organic, adaptive action we feel will be very satisfying to you.

Any attempt to control, to funnel at this time we believe will not be satisfying.

Play with it.'

Q- 'So don’t plan ahead with the business.'

A- 'Yes. There is nothing serious going on here:

'This is fun. And lets see how many other people think this is fun too. And which parts do they seem to be enjoying the most? And which parts do I seem to be enjoying the most? Which parts are emerging with that gold glint?'

There is nothing wrong with the quartz that gets washed away.

There is nothing serious, there is nothing intense about it.

We would have hesitated to use the gold metaphor.

Ramona really likes it.

So many people are, have negative connotations, unwanted associations with gold/money.

But the act of panning for gold, which she did as a ten year old with her grandfather in the wilds of the north-west, speak to her imagination, her evocative day-dreaming, before the resistance arose in her life.

The idea of discovering gold and pulling it out of the earth and forming it into jewellery and coins, having rooms full of it.

Treasure chests.

Each one of your joyful impulses towards how to share with others, and how to share, how to feel, each of those is a little glint of gold.

Allow it to be what it is. It has its inherent beauty.'

Q- 'So I should focus on ideas that feel fun with the business?'

A- 'Yes.'

Q- 'And releasing old patterns?'

A- 'Yes.'

Q- 'Running my business in a fun and uplifting way.'

A- 'And without attaching to any results.

Isn’t it lovely that you have been practicing this in your individual sessions [with coaching clients] for several months? ['Yes'].

So the clarity that you are receiving these days is very very clear.

It is very specific.

The feelings that are arising, you are discerning very quickly.

Early on in the process, before they have a chance to develop momentum.

You are identifying the thought process behind the feeling, immediately and accepting, seeing how it ties in, understanding and perceiving the momentum but without any self-incrimination whatsoever.

Very step five [from Abraham-Hicks] and step six-ish [from Opra].'

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