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Body Hatred

bodshift body body hatred imposter complex limiting beliefs lose weight opra self love transformation Jul 27, 2020

When I started receiving Opra (what some would call “channeling”) in early 2019, I had no idea where that would lead me.

To the extent that I was interested in steering it, I believed that I was heading for specializing in helping law of attraction coaches, and other entrepreneurs and business owners who had been following law of attraction for a while, to release whatever last bits of resistance and limiting beliefs that were “holding them back.” This “advanced market” appealed to me, and I experimented with reaching out to them to offer Opra’s services. And many of them benefited, and it was quite satisfying.

But a funny thing happened on the way to that goal! Somewhere along the way I started to realize that every single woman Opra was talking to eventually shared some version of “I hate my body!” And many additionally had NO CLUE that their thoughts and beliefs were “limiting” them, or that those thoughts were even upstream!

Of course, they didn’t always say it, or think of it, in quite those words “I hate my body.”

It often showed up more like “can you help me lose weight.” Or “how can I overcome all this resistance I have around exercise?”  And “how can I make myself set goals and then stick with them? Well, what goals to do you want to set? Oh, you know, to lose this ugly extra weight, or to get stronger so I’ll have more energy.”

Or “I have imposter complex. I need to work on my self-esteem” (which was eventually uncovered as being afraid to be seen, not feeling worthy, unwillingness to take a stand…which was eventually uncovered as limiting beliefs around eating, food, exercise, body image, attractiveness, sexuality, looking in the mirror, etc.).

Or even “No, I love my body! I actually think I’m quite beautiful. Just except for this one thing: _____________ (fill in the blank).”

And that one thing often had already been removed, manually by surgery, or organically by dieting or exercise. But…IT WAS STILL “THERE”! The memory – the vibration - of it lingered… still being disgusting, or shameful, or pathetic.

And isn’t it interesting that all of this was going on just after I had shed 50 pounds of excess weight? I was feeling the best I’d felt in decades, feeling the best about myself I EVER had?

And then, just before I launched my “online course for advance law of attraction practitioners,” a 30-year-old back injury suddenly want bonkers. I was in constant, severe nerve pain, completely unable to function even with maximum narcotics, and the docs insisted I needed surgery! Huh!

And the only time I was NOT in pain was when I was receiving Opra. Interesting!!!

So I said, “Ok, Source, I’m listening. You finally got my attention!”

I started meditating even more, being quietly contemplative, really focusing on all of my positivity practices, following my guidance… and I resolved it all without another thought about mainstream medicine.

And still, Opra clients told me more and more about their bodies (none of them knew a thing about what I was going through at the time). And then more told me. And more and more and more: Body hatred. Body discomfort. Body frustration. Body lies. “This little thing is awful. This one thing is so embarrassing. I can’t get this one part “right” no matter what I do.” It was like the Library of Congress of limiting beliefs!

And you know the type and source of limiting beliefs I’m talking about: the crap that society pushes in a million images and messages every day. Good baby girls are sweet and pretty, while good baby boys have strong lungs and demonstrate early abilities that are impressive and fun. Good girl children are sweet and pretty, while good boy children demonstrate intelligence, initiative and self-motivation. Good adult women are sweet and pretty, while good adult men earn good money, start businesses, manage others, and have lots of drive.

And someone else ALWAYS defines “pretty.” Always. And it’s an ever-moving target. Also, it’s impossible to attain.

At this point, I’ve spoken with hundreds of women, of all sorts. Older and younger, straight and gay, thin and heavy, rich and poor, business owners and stay at home moms, different races, religions and political persuasions. Hearing how many beautiful, smart, talented, fit, healthy women feel so much disgust, dislike or frustration about their (perfectly fine) bodies has been very eye-opening, to say the least.

And it came to me: YOU can’t truly love yourself if you don’t love your body!

I can’t truly love myself if I don’t love my body! And somewhere along the line I had learned to actually love my body.

And I discovered that I HAVE to share this information.

So, here we are. I now teach women to love their bodies. I teach women how to reverse decades of momentum of limiting beliefs, and how to actually love their bodies, “as is.” And the transformations that occur naturally, almost like magic, as a direct result of self-love, are astonishing!

It's a transformation that every woman on Earth can benefit from, and especially any woman who is aware of wanting to lose weight or to change something about your body. That is now my mission: to teach every single woman alive to love your own body! Because the transformation of actually loving your own body is indescribable.

There is great Love here for you!

PS – if you or someone you know could use some support and encouragement, some loving personal attention, in the area of self-love, please send her this post and/or click here.

Thank you!