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Why Do Babies Feel So Good?

baby family grandparent infinite potential inner child internal dialogue matching vibration opra parent transcript Jun 15, 2020

This transcript is from a session with a client who had recently visited a family member to hold the newest addition to the family, and was overwhelmed by a sense of loving connection that was totally unexpected and unprecedented.

Opra refers to "your baby" - meaning the client's inner child, who had been the topic of much discussion and healing in past sessions.  The client had committed (set an intention) to "protect" their own inner baby from upstream ("negative") internal dialogue that was a lifelong habit.



Q- ‘Why does holding the baby feel so good?’

A- ‘Your baby, which still exists inside of you, which you made a commitment to protect and nurture sometime back, do you remember?  Your baby and every baby are the same.  You are connecting at the baby level because your baby vibration is now open.

As you achieve any vibration, everything that is a match to that vibration becomes you and you become it.  So you are matching the baby vibration.

Yes.  Yes, because a baby comes with infinite potentiality and most humans start to shave away at their perception, at their willingness in certain areas, one at a time.  This one, and then this one, and then this one.

By opening up to the baby, you are re-establishing connection to infinite potential.  Everything, everything that you want is contained in this vibration.

If we were in your physical shoes, we would milk it as much as possible.  Yes.  Yes.  Open to the vibration itself and not just the physical action, the physical presence.

You said yourself, he is just 'being'.  He is not 'doing' a baby.  He is 'being' a baby.  In your connection, you feel the draw, the match, the balance.  Your tendency is to 'do' the baby in response.  'Be' the baby.‘

Q- ‘I feel resistance to that right now’.

A- ‘These are only thoughts.  These are only thoughts.  Be the baby.

As you feel the baby, the thoughts fall away and they do not any longer generate that momentum.  That momentum is deceased without you blowing air onto it every single time.  Yes.  Be the baby.’

Q- ‘Focus on how I feel with the baby?'

A- ‘We would remove the thought as much as possible, other than as a mechanism for deflecting from the unwanted thought:

‘There is an unwanted thought.  It is judgemental....

[Say instead] Oh I love spending time with that baby.  I love remembering how he feels on my chest’.

So that thought has deflected from one back to where you want to be.  And as soon as you have finished that deflection, 'feel' the baby.  Be one with the baby.

[Being like a baby:] ‘I love just feeling the infinite connection. There is nothing to do, nothing to say, nothing to think.  Only to be right now, in this moment.  To feel my body.  To feel the way my body is interacting with my environment.  To feel into my stomach.  Have I eaten recently?  I can feel the food.  Am I starting to be hungry?  I can feel that sensation.

I can feel my heart beating.  I can feel my breath.  All of these are such delicious sensations because they are not normal yet.

They are still exciting.  They are still new.  They are still fascinating.  Is that my toe?  Oh, there is sunshine on my skin.’

Be the baby.  Now that your baby is safe, you can be the baby’.

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