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Already Heart-Based

global changes heart based opra ready to be ready shift video Jun 22, 2020

I love this video.  This Opra client is already so heart-based, and she is typically very well aligned and very practiced at maintaining her alignment. 

And yet, the recent global changes - and the current massive shifts of energy and summoning that is occurring around the planet - had her just a little off-center.

This is what it looks like to "be ready" for multiple answers and solutions; to be ready for an even higher vibration and to be open to every desire being fulfilled.  Note the number of significant shifts she makes on different subjects during the course of a very short 30 minutes.  Beautiful!

And just a word about being ready: fully embracing "being ready to be ready" without impatience is a very soothing place to be, and it allows the being of actually ready to come sooner.  The more we resist the fact that we're not quite ready yet, the longer it takes to be ready!

Ramona (and Opra)

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