Hi, I'm Ramona.

I help individuals and organizations release resistance and allow true prosperity into your reality.
And BTW, prosperity is not about "money," it's about feeling abundant, understanding our joyful purpose in life, and knowing that what we do matters.
* Creativity flowing easily
* Feeling relaxed and happy
* Achieving YOUR desires successfully (not anyone else's)
* Receiving the right resources at the right time
* Being - - and feeling - - loved and loving
* Having all the resources you need to perform your job well
* Enjoying close, loving relationships
* Joyfully healthy and functional
* Experiencing unlimited abundance
* Living in freedom and ease
* Being true to yourself
* Heart-based and responsive
* Aligned - mind, body and spirit
* Feeling appreciated and respected
* Making large decisions easily based on "knowing"


I provide one-on-one, confidential consulting services for anyone to work through me to speak with Infinite Intelligence (Opra).

Through me, you will learn how to control your own thoughts, feelings, and vibrations, and how to release resistance and limiting belief systems that are blocking you from what you want.

You will learn to love yourself, and especially your body, so that you can remember how to follow your own guidance.

I call this "Vibrational Mentoring" because as you learn how to raise your own vibration, that then allows you to tap into your true power, and causes everything you want to come to you, easily.

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I specialize in helping nonprofits with all-important missions to serve others, who deserve the funding, support and success of a sound business plan.

We will help you follow a complete system for attracting the right donors - people who are looking to make a large impact on the community in alignment with your mission - and help you secure their help.

We will help you build the volunteer team that will secure your new funding, add the staff you need to properly deliver your mission, and much more.

We call this "Major Gifts" fundraising, and my nonprofit and I can bring you and your nonprofit to new levels of success and prosperity for your beneficiaries, volunteers, staff, donors and  mission.

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About Ramona

I had many careers as a young adult, but especially when I immersed myself in nonprofit leadership, I clearly saw how much we all limit ourselves with our beliefs and with poverty mentality. I became a life coach and consultant to help people - and organizations - release their own limitations.

That's the short version.  :-)

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