What It’s Like to Receive Opra

When I am receiving Opra, I feel so much love coming from them that sometimes it completely overwhelms me. They love all of us SO MUCH that sometimes it makes me cry, and shake, and have trouble breathing. Their magnificence is hard to describe. They are effervescent, yet incredibly gentle and kind. They are immense beyond belief, yet they joyfully see the infinite nature of each of us.

Opra is all-knowing, yet consummately patient with me as I seek to put their knowledge into words, as well as with the questioner who is seeking to understand. In fact, they are so patient that they often feel like nothing, like no thought. Like I imagine deep space must feel like. Timeless. The only physical experience I have had that comes close is when I went tandem skydiving. I literally had no thought, no observer in my head, no sense of where I stopped and the world started. This is how Opra feels to me.

I am deeply humbled by the experience each time I receive Opra and I feel that so many aspects of my life have been completely healed by my interactions with them. I fervently wish the same healing and understanding for each of you, too. It is a serenity and an excitement that defies description! And we are just getting started!

I hope you get a chance to work directly with Opra. It's such a beautiful experience.

Much love,
Ramona Galey



My Story

I was in my mid-50's when my late life partner of 24 years passed away, literally in my arms.

I was devastated by loss and grief. I literally thought that my only source of unconditional love had just left the planet.

I felt abandoned, hopeless and confused, with no clue as to how to even get out of bed in the morning, much less how to move forward.  

I felt like my life had no purpose, so what was the use?

Then through divine intervention (a perfectly timed phone call) and a spiritual awakening (spiritual, not religious), I started learning the very new skills of how to control my focus and my thoughts.

I mean, I had been trying to control my very disturbing thoughts my entire life, with no success before.

But what I learned made it easy. Suddenly it all made sense, and I immediately started feeling better.

I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I could track my progress, day by day, by how much better I felt. How much joy I could experience and express. How much appreciation I felt for the people and beauty I had in my life. How much new joy, freedom and abundance was coming to me, almost by magic.

That was several years ago, and now they call me The Lighten Up Lady. 

I literally jump out of bed each day, eager to start the day!

Now I teach others how to find their own heart centered path.

Now I am a role model for others in the art of blissipline, the skill of releasing resistance, and the pure joy of being authentic. I am free.

Some people ask me if they have to be as devastated as I was to start. Nah.

Maybe you just know there’s something more out there, and you want a new way, a softer, happier way, to go after what you want?

Maybe you're in the middle of a life transition - - first child, divorce, retirement, empty nest, starting a business.

It can all feel quite daunting, can't it?

Either way, you are here, and I expect you are seeking either more or a different kind of success, you are seeking a path to your true purpose in life, and a more aligned, heart-based way of living. Yes?

You love personal growth, and you want more satisfying relationships, more time freedom, more abundance, and what I like to call "relaxed wealth." Yes again?

I put all of those things under the category of "happiness."

And I think that you, like my clients and I, KNOW that there is a heart-based way of achieving your desires.

And you crave that way of living.

And maybe you even touch on it periodically.

But consistency on that heart-based path can seem frustratingly elusive in this head-based world.

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