1. What It’s Like to Receive Opra

When I am receiving Opra, I feel so much love coming from them that sometimes it completely overwhelms me. They love all of us SO MUCH that sometimes it makes me cry, and shake, and have trouble breathing. Their magnificence is hard to describe. They are effervescent, yet incredibly gentle and kind. They are immense beyond belief, yet they joyfully see the infinite nature of each of us.

Opra is all-knowing, yet consummately patient with me as I seek to put their knowledge into words, as well as with the questioner who is seeking to understand. In fact, they are so patient that they often feel like nothing, like no thought. Like I imagine deep space must feel like. Timeless. The only physical experience I have had that comes close is when I went tandem skydiving. I literally had no thought, no observer in my head, no sense of where I stopped and the world started. This is how Opra feels to me.

I am deeply humbled by the experience each time I receive Opra and I feel that so many aspects of my life have been completely healed by my interactions with them. I fervently wish the same healing and understanding for each of you, too. It is a serenity and an excitement that defies description! And we are just getting started!

I hope you get a chance to work directly with Opra. It's such a beautiful experience.

Much love,
Ramona Galey



2. How I Got Started With Vibrational Mentoring

Many people ask me how on earth I got into Vibrational Mentoring (also called channeling), and “did I always know,” etc.  NO!  I was a life coach before, but incredibly skeptical about spirituality my whole life until my beloved Betty died!  Then I started listening to Abraham Hicks, but I never thought of myself as having any abilities.

Here’s what happened: I went to the Abraham Hicks workshop in Asheville.  I met my good friend Shannon there early and we spent a lot of time together, chatting about all sorts of things while hiking around the area.


She told me many tales of her recent (amazing!) experiences and the work that her brother Kevin is doing, coaching intuitives.  By the end of our day together, I announced that “I want that! I’m going to do that!”  I had never seriously considered doing anything like that before, and I had no idea where the desire came from, even that day!

Then, through a long series of amazing synchronicities (some of which had been put into motion months before!) I met with my good friends Bob and Flora and they had no hesitation asking (demanding?!) for me to channel for them, so I did!  They literally summoned Opra through me.  And it was fun.  And intense.  And very cool.

So when I met with Kevin, I had received for just a few friends, then I started helping 1-2 people per day!  Then 2-3 people per day!

We did some group readings, which really helped me "test" Opra's connection abilities.  Could Opra "read" one person among many?  (Yes!)  Could Opra "read" someone who had written in a question with someone else speaking it? (Yes!)

And the next thing I knew Opra and I were being interviewed (see FAQ for all media links).  I have a full website now, and a new online coaching course on the way.

Anyway, here we are, and I can't tell you how excited I am to be on this journey.

If you ever get a chance to meet Opra, I think you will really enjoy it!


3. My Spiritual Start With Abraham Hicks

I had 23 incredibly wonderful, magical years with my beloved partner, Betty.  She was a magnificent source of unconditional love for me, and my life blossomed with love and joy while we were together.

In October 2014, Betty had just passed away and I was bereft beyond description.  I was fully intending to follow her.  I had no spiritual paradigm or beliefs, and I was convinced that my only source of unconditional love had just abandoned me.  Why the heck would I stick around?  I vowed then that I would not.

Betty’s friend Laurdella “just happened” to call right then, and she told me I needed to “stop thinking like that, right now!”  I told her I had no idea how to do that, so Laurdella “just happened” to have 2 years of Abraham Hicks subscription CD’s that she had never given away out of the 25 years she’d been listening and giving CD’s away.  She shipped them to me, and they “just happened” to be the year before and the year after Jerry’s death.  Which just meant the world to me, because I felt that if Esther could survive the loss of her beloved Jerry, maybe I could survive, too.

My entire life shifted within days, and thus began my new spiritual adventure of the last 5 years.  The ray of hope that Laurdella and Abraham provided was all that I needed.  I would not be here today if not for Laurdella and Esther Hicks, and they both have my permanent appreciation.

Along the way, I met MaryMary Cordelia and I met online, then in person, and we became fast friends.  Not only are we twins (it sure seems that way most of the time!), but we are so different from each other that we complement each other in key ways.

Mary and I meet by phone almost every morning to support each other, and we created my first online course together.  Mary's extreme skills in the areas of therapy, Somatic Experiencing (SE), life coaching, like-mindedness, vortex story telling, and "best friending" have supported and reinforced much of my personal growth.

Joy, Sarah and I meet by phone, too - 6 days per week like clockwork since the summer of 2015!  We take turns speaking "rampages of appreciation" with no cross-talk, and we really get our days started right in just 15 short minutes.  If you are looking for a new positivity practice, I highly recommend this one.

I would not be where I am today without the love and support of these and so many other incredible people, especially my LOA friends!   I am so lucky!

In providing consultation with Opra for others, I feel that I am "paying it forward" for anyone else who can benefit from the gentle, loving guidance of Infinite Intelligence, much as I was comforted, soothed, guided, and taught by Abraham, via Esther HicksShe is my hero, and I feel so fortunate and blessed that Opra and I can follow in her (their?!) footsteps.