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Our mission:
Providing the healing,
transformative power of original song





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We write and produce uplifting, memorable, high quality Songs –
the most emotional gift you will ever give!

SignatureSongs for the greater good,
helping nonprofits in
servicing their communities.

LifeSongs of joy, helping individuals
celebrate loved ones and
great memories.

Completely customized Songs
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About Songs For The World

StoweGood's mission is providing the healing, transformative power of original song.

Stowe Dailey and Karen Taylor-Good, known together as StoweGood, spent decades creating incredible music for major celebrities, to high acclaim.

They LOVE creating great music! Grammy nominations and top hits are definitely exciting and satisfying, but Stowe and Karen wanted more.

They started to also write great music for everyday heroes - for anyone who sees the power of music to make their piece of the world a better place.

The results have been astounding. Scores of StoweGood LifeSongs and SignatureSongs have helped thousands of people celebrate, mourn, communicate, honor, memorialize, and thank their loved ones and their beloved charitable organizations, simply by word of mouth.

When StoweGood and Ramona Galey met for the first time, magic happened. The three saw something in each other that, when combined, could make a huge difference in the world, by dramatically expanding the reach and service of the  StoweGood mission.

Thus, Songs for the World was born as a program of the nonprofit organization Heart Centered Living, Inc.

40% of any LifeSong purchase is tax-deductible, and all program profits benefit charitable missions providing spiritual, musical, emotional and physical support. Your receipt for payment is your donation receipt.

Pick either LifeSong (for individuals) or SignatureSong (for organizations) to learn more.

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