We are StoweGood.

We love to write
great songs!


We write and produce uplifting, memorable, high quality songs –
the most emotional gift you will ever give!

Songs for the greater good,
helping nonprofits in
servicing their communities.

Songs of joy, helping individuals
celebrate loved ones and
great memories.

Songs about life, love,
mission, and all that
uplifts the world.

Completely customized songs
(and yes, even videos!)
for people like you.
It's the ultimate gift!



Immortalize a beloved pet, special person, or event!  Memorialize a loved one. LifeSongs are very popular silent auction items, and are great thank-yous and gifts for those "people who have everything," including donors!

Oliver's song, in the video above, is a great example of a very fun LifeSong! And Justin's Song, below, shows a very different type of LifeSong. A LifeSong lets you express your heart.

LifeSongs for Nonprofits

A nonprofit's LifeSong, which we sometimes call a SignatureSong, communicates what your nonprofit does, and how it helps people, quickly, easily and powerfully – the way no other medium can accomplish!

A LifeSong for a Nonprofit can be as upbeat or as poignant as you choose, specific to a Founder or great volunteer, or honoring the general mission. Samples are below.

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Hospice of Washington County
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Rev. Becky Whitehead/Heart Centered Living, Inc.
A Servant's Heart
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I Will Be Your Voice
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Parents Should Never Have to Bury a Child
Justin's Song

Karen Taylor Good

Karen Taylor Good is the Grammy-nominated songwriter of How Can I Help You Say Goodbye and other radio hits by Patty Loveless, Al Jarreau and Melissa Manchester. Her song Precious Child is used around the world by organizations for bereaved parents. She has recorded albums and movie soundtracks with Willie Nelson, Al Green and Dolly Parton.

Stowe Dailey

Stowe Dailey is a songwriter, author and cancer survivor. She co-wrote the hit song Long Time Comin'  for the group Shenandoah. Her album Angel Chants was the soundtrack for Angel Stories on the Discovery Channel. She's co-authored five books, including Flying High, featured at the "I Can Do It!" conference in Toronto.

About Songs For The World

When StoweGood and Ramona Galey met for the first time, something magical happened. The three saw something in each other that, when combined, could really make a huge difference in the world. And thus, Songs for the World was born. We are a program of Heart Centered Living, Inc. (nonprofit) and dedicated to partnering with philanthropic stakeholders to expand the impact of good works and serving the world with the healing, transformative power of song.

Ramona Galey

Ramona Galey has over 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience, and maintains a private consulting practice. She holds an MM from Rice U. and a BM from Peabody Institute. She holds Certificates in Nonprofit Consulting, Project Management, and Leadership in Nonprofit Management, as well as training in business law, systems analysis, nonprofit development, marketing, and investments.

We Are StoweGood.

We love to write great songs for great people – like YOU!

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