Vibrational Mentoring with Ramona Galey & Opra:

What if you could get answers to ALL of your questions about Law of Attraction (LOA), other Positive/Enlightenment practices, and how to apply it in YOUR life, issues related to your relationships, finances,  business, health, anything?

What if you could learn how to quickly resolve every "block" you've ever experienced, or how to clear up any remaining confusion?

Consulting, called Vibrational Mentoring, with Opra has frankly turned out to be the Path of Least Resistance for our clients.

And yes, Vibrational Mentoring is wonderful for advanced law of attraction leaders who are on the cusp of a breakthrough.

However even folks who have never even heard of the law of attraction are receiving remarkable results.

In other words, what if it were EASY to let go of all resistance commonly called "blocks," "self-sabotage," "fear of success," "childhood trauma," and so on and so on?

What would your life be like, if you could suddenly FEEL your desires, cleanly and strongly?

What if you KNEW your worthiness beyond a shadow of a doubt?

What if you could easily RELEASE your resistance in any area? And do all of it YOUR way?

Sign up for Vibrational Mentoring today, and find out just how easy abundance, freedom, joy and clarity can be! For YOU.

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Do you ever think, "if only I had a great role model, someone I could meet with regularly, someone who is really high-flying, maybe I would be able to absorb or emulate their vibration over time"?

Do you ever find yourself wondering "how is it that I can help so many others, but I seem to have these holes in my understanding or application of positivity skills?"

Or, "I know this logically, I even teach these principals, so why can't I integrate it in my own life?"


Do you ever wish that you had a trusted colleague, one who would not judge you or violate confidentiality, for confiding about your fears, your burnout, your overwhelm, and your true financial status? Someone who could also actually advise you as to what part of your vibration needs attention (or NOT attention) in order to release your resistance?


Do you feel like you really, really do thoroughly understand Law of Attraction concepts, so you wonder why they are not working for you as well as they "should?"  Or as well as the SEEM to for others?


Would you welcome regular reminders of "you've got this!" - not as a platitude, but from someone who can actually READ your vibration? Would that be of great benefit and value to you?


Do you ever think that you might have "imposter complex," or that you "self-sabotage," because you are advising others to perform positivity practices, but you are not actually doing these things yourself? - OR - Because you are encouraging and inspiring clients to "trust" and take actions toward more abundance, but you are not actually receiving much abundance, or relief, yourself?

Do you have a strong, burning desire to finally allow abundance, confidence, joy, freedom and worthiness into your life...AND...are you willing to be open to the guidance of Infinite Intelligence in order to do it?


Do you ever feel twinges of guilt, shame, or fear when you think about charging your customers or clients the rates you secretly know, or hope, that you are worth? Or even rates that you need to charge, simply in order to sustain yourself?

Do you ever find yourself thinking about your body, and how it seems to be the "last to the party" in terms of achieving and maintaining a high vibration? And you know that you could look younger, be your ideal weight, feel stronger and more flexible, and generally be healthier, if you could just...???


Would you simply LOVE for your friends, family, clients - heck, everyone - to look at you, and say "wow, she is so solid in her joy, love and presence! How does she do that?! And how can I do that for myself?!" Or "Wow, he's that age, and he's doing all that?! I want what he's got!!"


We answer questions like these, and more, from people like you, every day. And not just with explanations - the answer is RELIEF!

The negative labeling of your thoughts and feelings related to how you are, or are not, serving others can be quite debilitating.

Feeling like your body is outside of your control can be scary and discouraging.

Wanting a role model to show you the way and support you is natural, normal, healthy, and effective.

And that Love and guidance is within you and available to you always and at this moment. But if you can't feel it or find it, then what?

Vibrational Mentoring from Ramona and Opra provides the missing connection between you and your Inner Being, in other words, the self-love, soothing, guidance and support that you crave and need.

Truly feeling this relief, even once, helps you find the same feeling again by yourself. And the more you feel it, the easier it is to find it again. And again. And again.

This what I like to call The Opra Effect: pure love, always leading you back to the YOU that is pure love. Always showing you ways to become able to find this relief within yourself. Always reminding you of your own strength, courage, love, and connection to Source.

The first step is to FORGIVE YOURSELF for not being in touch with Love to the extent that you want to be. None of the past matters anymore. NOW is where the Love is.

Let Opra show you the way.

Much Love,
Ramona (and Opra)

"I just wanted to say thanks again for today’s session; it was amazing and I look forward to hearing the recording. I have been to probably 50 Abe seminars over the past 15 years and this was every bit as powerful as any of them. Additionally, the [session] is much less intimidating than being in the chair in front of 800 people and allows much narrower targeting of individual situations. I am very much appreciative... "

Bob Davidson
Writer, Chapel Hill, NC USA