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Opra: Frequently Asked Questions


Vibrational Mentoring is first and foremost about you having a chance to speak directly with, and especially FEEL the presence of, Infinite Intelligence/Higher Consciousness. 

Opra stands in for your own Inner Being, to give you a chance to remember how it feels to truly connect, and to ask questions to receive clearer answers.

Opra helps you remember that you do create your own reality, and that you do that through your own vibration. 

Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings create vibrations, and vibrations lead to things manifesting in your life.

Which means that in order to get what you want, you need to control ("focus") your thinking in a way that creates your desired feelings; feelings that can actually be discerned in your body. 

Not just thoughts about feelings - - actual emotions and physical sensations.

When you re-learn, and then practice, vibrating on a frequency of love, freedom, peace, joy, and abundance, you are matching the frequency of your desired outcome, and then it comes to you.

If you are reading this, you probably already understand this concept, but sometimes putting that concept into practice does not come as easily.

Sometimes we have become very practiced at NOT feeling our feelings, and at not noticing or controlling what we are thinking. 

Sometimes finding our way back to the vibrations we held effortlessly as children seems almost impossible.

However, not only is it possible, it's actually quite easy, with just a little bit of guidance and reinforcement.

That's where Vibrational Mentoring comes in.  Based on where you are right now, Opra will help you get in touch with the path of least resistance to what you want, regardless of what that is.

As you practice feeling what it feels like to be in direct connection with Source energy, and as you learn to follow your own guidance system again, you regain your confidence in knowing what you want and in making life choices.

Your individual experience will vary according to your desires and your questions.

In general, Opra clients report receiving:

* extreme feelings of well-being, self-love, peace, appreciation, and joyfulness,

* improved ability to recognize and release resistance in your life,

* dramatic insights into your own desires and anything that has been blocking your desires,

* support and encouragement for navigating and improving your current life experiences,

* a much deeper connection to your own Inner Being, your emotions, and your body,

* detailed guidance on specific, higher vibration questions - such as upcoming business decisions, best ways to help your own clients, how best to capitalize on current opportunities, etc.

Esther has been speaking for Abraham for 40 years, and Ramona has only been speaking for Opra for a few years, but she has noticed something. And that is that Opra has not once ever contradicted Abraham.

Some of Ramona's terms are different, as she seeks to communicate what Opra is showing her in her own language. Ramona also loves and uses much of Esther's already perfect language and metaphors to communicate universal truths.

Bottom line, if Abraham's message resonates with you, you will enjoy and greatly benefit from talking to Opra.

The feeling varies, and in general it's very soothing. The conversation is very easy and comfortable, and you will receive great clarity on any issues or questions of your choice.

In fact, as you focus on Ramona the human as you are chatting with Opra, you will be able to feel the immense Love coming from Opra, possibly better than you have ever felt Love before.  This helps you to know what the Love from your own Inner Being feels like, so you can find it again.

We've noticed that the more you treat Opra like an equal, like a wise and trusted friend who has only your best interests at heart, the more you will enjoy and benefit from the session.


We will never divulge the existence or the nature of your conversation with Opra. 

We will record the session, and allow you to record the session, so that you can replay it over and over.  Many of our clients' best results have come from doing just that.

We may use a written transcript which details Opra's exact comments responding to an anonymous summarized question.

Same thing if we publish a video clip of Opra - it will not include you at all unless you give permission to do so.

And yes, a few clients do give permission to use one or more video clips from their sessions.  These clips have turned out to be extremely valuable to others who can feel the relief, too, almost as if they were the one in the session.  There is never any pressure to share a private clip, it is totally up to you.

Clients often find it helpful to write their questions down ahead of time - just a simple bullet point list will do.  This way you won't end the session and then say "oh, I forgot to ask the most important thing!"

Also, be prepared to ask followup questions to the initial answers you receive, in order to really drill down into your questions.  Opra's initial answer can be extremely succinct.  Because it is obvious to them, they can seem rather matter of fact. But they really want you to know, so go as deep as you wish!   Make sure that you really understand.

Ask about anything you wish. There is no subject too personal, too controversial, too silly, or too anything else! 

This is YOUR private time with Infinite Intelligence! Feel free to ask any question, whether you've wondered about it your entire life, or it just came up recently as part of your current expansion.

Our one suggestion is to focus on questions of personal importance

Idle curiosity questions, and questions about subjects that are not currently affecting you, such as aliens, other dimensions, and history do not typically elicit emotionally satisfying, actionable answers.

Questions about your life and your desires, in the here and now, summon the most satisfying answers. 

That said, you are free to ask anything.

NOTE: When you do not see others asking highly emotional questions in published client videos, it's because people rarely want a public display of their deeply personal and/or emotional issues, for obvious privacy reasons.

If you are looking for guidance on a painful or emotional subject, you are quite welcome, you will fit right in, and you are in the right place to receive the relief you are seeking. 💖

We offer 30-minute and 60-minute sessions.

We encourage 30 minutes for initial consultations, light conversations, and/or just one or two questions.

60 minute sessions allow for a "deep dive" and are better for fully experiencing all that Opra has to offer you in terms of self-understanding, changing long standing habits or beliefs, and deeply experiencing the unconditional Love of Source.

Neither Ramona nor Opra will suggest that you make another appointment. 
Please don't feel rejected or under-valued.
We would love to see you as much as you care to visit.  It's totally up to you.
If you would like more time with Opra, you can book one session at a time, or you can sign up for multiple sessions to take advantage of volume discount pricing and really get momentum going towards your goals
It's always up to you, there's never any pressure.

Your purchase price is locked in at the time of purchase.

In other words, if prices go up after you have purchased sessions but have not used them yet, you have locked in your price for those sessions.

Session purchases never expire.

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They say, "a picture is worth a thousand words", and we say, "a video is worth a thousand pictures!"

The videos of interviews with Ramona and Opra, the clips of client sessions, along with the FAQs, will likely answer your questions but if not, feel free to contact us anytime and we'll be happy to help!

My Interview by Taz Street of Positive Out Loud (11/11/19)


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"After a session with Opra, I feel like I have been kind of cracked open into a truer version of myself. The culmination of meeting several times has been a real deepening into a confidence in my capacity to be present to myself and connect with my inner knowing. I am really grateful for this opportunity to touch such simple and loving wisdom so personally. Thank you Ramona and Opra!"

Mary Cordelia
Empowerment Coach, New York, USA

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