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Hospice of Washington County SignatureSong
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Rev. Becky Whitehead/Heart Centered Living SignatureSong
A Servant's Heart
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CASA SignatureSong
I Will Be Your Voice

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Maybe NOW
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perfect gift

is a great day to
celebrate someone
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Maybe it's TIME
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 Harness the power
of music in your life,
and in the lives
of the people you
care about the most!

That's the power of a

Summary of Options:

Gold Package -  $7,500
(See below for Platinum Packages)

A LifeSong can be specific to a person, and makes the perfect gift for someone who "has everything." It's also great for celebrating anniversaries, special events, memorials, holidays. It's for people, pets, or anything else that you want to honor or immortalize. LifeSongs also make highly successful Silent Auction items and thank you gifts for major donors of nonprofits.

Nonprofits can also use a LifeSong as a theme song for the entire organization or for a specific campaign, program or mission. It communicates what makes the organization so special, what the nonprofit does and who it serves.

Please allow 4 weeks for Gold Package (audio), more for Platinum packages.


Platinum Music Video Package $17,500

Let us turn your new LifeSong into a music video, too! A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. Make your loved one or favorite cause really stand out, and have a message that others have fun sharing on their social media and with their friends, families and colleagues.


Platinum Live Performance Package: Starts at $15,000

This option starts with a LifeSong, and adds a live StoweGood performance world premiere! Priced on a case-by-case basis, depending on distance from Nashville or wherever we might be on tour, the performance venue, travel expenses, dates, etc.

Please contact us here for more information about live performances.


Go Double Platinum!

Your new LifeSong, produced also as a music video, plus a live performance as described above! Pricing starts at  $25,000. Please contact us here for more information about double platinum packages.


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