How to Be Wildly Successful
in Every Area of Your Life
by Lightening Up,
Even If You Currently
Self-Sabotage or
Fear Success, Failure,
Other People,
Money, Marketing, Business,
Intimacy, or Happiness!

How would you feel waking up each day, if you knew you would love what you were going to do, and KNEW that you could not fail?

If you knew that all of the resources you need in order to be abundant and to support the people you love would be available to you that day, and every day?

How would you feel?

Yep. Me, too.

How Blissipline Works

Blissipline is the commitment to focus only on things that feel good.

This includes our own thoughts/feelings, other people, events, circumstances, politics, our health - - everything. We only focus on those things that feel good, and we allow the rest to fall away.

And I know, it may sound impossible, naive, or rude at first.

But I promise you, blissipline is none of those things when done right. It is extremely powerful and satisfying.

Blissipline is ultimately very kind to others as well as yourself.

And besides, haven't you already TRIED discipline? Over and over, and with increasingly frustrating results these days?

Here’s the truth: blissipline actually gets much better results than discipline, and it feels much better, too.

I can prove that to you, if you give me a chance.

Better yet, I can help you prove it to yourself.

Ironically, blissipline can actually LOOK like discipline to outsiders.

In fact, all of the successful athletes, business moguls, celebrities, etc. are all actually using blissipline, although they may resist admitting it.

But because successful people LOVE what they do, and it's easy for them, and they are having FUN, they are actually using blissipline.

It's when we assume (and are told) that we must do things a certain way, or sacrifice much, in order to be just like those high profile people in order to get the same results, that we get end up with discipline and bad feelings.

That was certainly where I was just a few years ago.

My Story

You see, when I was 55, my beloved life partner of 24 years passed away, literally in my arms.

I was devastated by loss and grief.

I felt abandoned, hopeless and confused, with no clue as to how to even get out of bed in the morning, much less how to move forward.  

I felt like my life had no purpose, so what was the use?

Then through a divine intervention (a perfectly timed phone call) and a spiritual awakening (spiritual, not religious), I started learning the very new skills of how to control my focus and my thoughts.

I immediately started feeling better.

I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I could track my progress, day by day, by how much better I felt. How much joy I could experience and express. How much appreciation I felt for the people and beauty I had in my life. How much new joy, freedom and abundance was coming to me, almost by magic.

Now I’m The Lighten Up Lady, and I literally jump out of bed each day, eager to start the day!

Now I teach others how to find their own heart centered path.

And no, you don’t have to be as devastated as I was to start.

Maybe you just know there’s something more out there, and want a new way, a softer, happier way, to go after what you want?

Either way, you are here, and I expect you are seeking more or different success, a path to your true purpose in life, and a more aligned, heart-based way of living.

You love personal growth, and you want more satisfying relationships, more time freedom, and what I like to call "relaxed wealth." Yes?

I put all of those things under the category of "happiness."

And I think that you, like my clients and I, KNOW that there is a heart-based way of achieving your desires.

And you crave that way of living.

And maybe you even touch on it periodically.

But consistency on that heart-based path can seem very, very elusive in this head-based world.

Your Wildest Dreams Await

Two steps to your own blissipline:

  1. A decision to take responsibility for your own focus/attention, and therefore your results.
  2. A willingness to be open-minded about ideas and practices that may feel uncomfortable at first, but only because others may not agree with them.

Three steps for you to absolutely blow the roof off in blissipline:

  1. One rule to remember: Do whatever it takes to feel good.
  2. One skill to hone: Learn to discern what actually feels better.
  3. One habit to develop: Allow a natural progression.


The Lighten Up Lady Can Help.

You can learn everything at your own pace online via our courses and memberships.

Offerings include:
* LightenUp Basics (so you can start feeling better NOW),
* BodyLove & Weight Loss (so you can start to follow your own guidance and trust your instincts again),
* Prosperity (receiving the resources you deserve to help you reach your dreams),
* Heart-Based Marketing for your business (permanent relief from the ick of mainstream marketing and sales practices).


As you are considering or even perfecting your own blissipline practice, let's talk about how you can supercharge your desires.

I offer an optional, highly specific service with limited availability which may be right for you.

It's called Vibrational Mentoring with Opra, and it is for obtaining advanced training, receiving personal attention, and achieving your highest pie-in-the-sky desires by working with Infinite Intelligence one-on-one.

You can read more about it below.

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Learn at your own pace via
services, products and training:

  • Basic blissipline skills, so you start feeling better NOW
  • Weight loss and other bodylove skills, so you can start trusting your guidance again
  • Trust your intuition and inspirations, so you make even major decisions quickly and easily
  • Receive relaxed wealth, so you have all the resources needed to get everything you want
  • Develop your passion/purpose into a source of true abundance
  • Create passive income and other quality business results, so you can have the time you want with your loved ones
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Vibrational Mentoring is
advanced, VIP, one-on-one training:

  • Receive focused private attention, so you can achieve your
    very highest desires.
  • Schedule your own sessions, so you make progress quickly and easily
  • FEEL the sesnations of alignment and of releasing resistance, so you can do it on your own whenever you want
  • Get deeply personal, so you can allow Source to actually heal old wounds
  • Speak directly to Source, so you can gain clarity for your own life in a whole new way

This is an optional and highly unique service with limited availability. It is not required for you to successfully incorporate blissipline.

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Ramona Galey, Vibrational Mentor & Transformational Coach:
The Lighten Up Lady

Ramona is the Founder and Director of HeartSet, a program of Heart Centered Living, Inc., a Georgia-based not-for-profit organization.

The Lighten Up Lady has over 15 years of experience in consulting, mentoring and coaching others in many areas of interest, including blissipline, personal growth, spiritual awakening, nonprofit fundraising, real estate investing, wealth creation, passive income, and the tool that makes it all possible - lightening up!

Ramona particularly enjoys supporting others in achieving their wildest dreams, bodacious success, and exponential growth.