Hi, I'm Ramona Galey and I channel my guides, called Opra

I had several very satisfying careers as a younger adult, but especially when I immersed myself in nonprofit leadership, I clearly saw how much we tend to constrict ourselves with limiting beliefs and with what I called "poverty mentality."

I became a life coach, vibrational mentor and consultant to help others to release their own limitations and to achieve their innermost desires in life.

How Opra began...

I’m a Vibrational Mentor who helps Abrahamers and Law of Attraction growth-seekers raise their vibrations and attract abundance into their lives using the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

However, my life wasn’t always like this, being able to do what I love every day.

You see:

Many years ago, my beloved life partner of 24 years died in my arms, and I was completely convinced that my only source of unconditional love had left this world...

...But right as I was about to give up, I discovered Abraham-Hicks, and my life changed forever.

Following my discovery, I decided to spend the next 6 years doing intense study and meditation, applying the teachings of Abraham-Hicks in my own life.

Then one day: 

I was hiking with an Abraham friend in the mountains just before an Abraham seminar we were both attending. 

All of a sudden, I experienced a deep knowing that I was meant to follow in Esther Hicks' and Abraham's footsteps.

I met with other friends soon after that, on their request I entered a trance for them to ask questions, and I knew...

...I had received answers to my friend's questions I could never have known on my own.

I realized that I was receiving Infinite Intelligence, and that  this was a valuable way for me to really help others.

I started talking about it with more of my Abraham friends, and the next thing I knew I was doing it for many of them! And then they told their friends, and they told their friends.

My guides laughingly declared their name to be Opra, and their wisdom has always been in complete agreement with Abraham’s teachings. 

Now, I'm the Lighten Up Lady! 



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The Art of Blissipline

How to be wildly successful in every area of your life by Lightening Up

Rule #1

Do whatever it takes to feel good.

Skill #1

Learn to discern what actually feels better.

Habit #1

Allow a natural progression.

How Blissipline Works

Blissipline is the commitment to focus only on things that feel good.

This includes our own thoughts/feelings, other people, events, circumstances, politics, our health - - everything. We only focus on those things that feel good, and we allow the rest to fall away.

And I know, it may sound impossible, naive, or rude at first.

But I promise you, blissipline is none of those things when done right. It is extremely powerful and satisfying.

Blissipline is ultimately very kind to others as well as yourself.

And besides, haven't you already TRIED discipline? Over and over, and with increasingly frustrating results these days?

Here’s the truth: blissipline actually gets much better results than discipline, and it feels much better, too.

I can prove that to you, if you give me a chance.

Better yet, I can help you prove it to yourself.

Ironically, blissipline can actually LOOK like discipline to outsiders.

In fact, all of the successful athletes, business moguls, celebrities, etc. are all actually using blissipline, although they may resist admitting it.

But because successful people LOVE what they do, and it's easy for them, and they are having FUN, they are actually using blissipline.

It's when we assume (and are told) that we must do things a certain way, or sacrifice much, in order to be just like those high profile people in order to get the same results, that we end up with discipline and bad feelings.

That was certainly where I was just a few years ago.

As you are considering or even perfecting your own blissipline practice, let's talk about how you can supercharge your desires.

I offer a small group coaching program which may be right for you.

It's called The Alignment Circle, and it is for participants to speak directly with me and my guides Opra, to receive personal attention for all of your questions and challenges, so you can achieve your highest pie-in-the-sky desires by working with Infinite Intelligence one-on-one. There are never more than 20 people in the group, which meets twice per week for 90 minutes. This means you can finally get the attention and personal service you have been wanting, to fuel your own momentum and expansion toward your desires. To finally - and quickly - start feeling a LOT better!

Watch my latest interview

Timothy Waterman invited me on the "Restore Yourself" Podcast as a guest to talk about my experience with receiving Opra. 

In the interview, I brought Opra in so Timothy could talk with them directly and experience the pure love that they bring through. 

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